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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-19 10:00:00

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What's up with Ember Moon? Is she injured or is it a creative decision the best female wrestler isn't on TV?

She suffered an arm injury earlier this year that required surgery.  She is currently training wrestlers at The Dojo wrestling school in Denton, TX.  She is still under contract to WWE.  Will Hulk Hogan have his last match at Wrestlemania 36?  If so, what will it be?  Andre battle royal win?  Tag match?  Against another legend?  What is your thought on this?

I don't know if he will or not but given he walks around using a crutch, at least at times, I don't think he has much of a match left in him.  He is 66 years old now.  I don't think him having a match would be the best idea.

Which was the more disgraceful event, in your opinion, on our viewing screens: the totally pointless, nonsensical, unnecessary “match” between Omega and Moxley, or the totally pointless, nonsensical, unnecessary, never ending Rusev/Lana/Lashley angle? Both are reasons why I don’t tell everyone I’m a wrestling fan.

It depends on your point of view I guess.  If you look at it from the “what percentage of the fans liked it” perspective, the Lana stuff was probably worse.  If you look at it from the “wrestling is supposed to be a work where guys don’t do stupid things that hurt themselves” point of view, it would be the match.

With all the talk of the ratings between WWE, NXT and AEW there hasn't been any mention of the ratings for Impact Wrestling since moving to their new home of AXS three weeks ago. Have there been any reports of how they are doing? 

Nielsen doesn’t cover AXS so no ratings are available for the shows.

We have historically heard rightly or wrongly about how great a booker Paul Heyman is. There were calls for him to run TNA in 2010 as the man who would make a difference and for years now people have asked him to have more power in WWE creative.  The 3 way women’s ‘historic’ WM Main event last year was reportedly heavily booked by him, and made little or no sense and now we see the main event of Raw dominated by the Lashley Lana Rusev angle which also makes 0 sense. Am I missing something with this great booker?

Yes, you are missing the fact that Vince McMahon is the head booker in WWE.  Whatever you see on TV has to be approved by him first.  You are seeing what Paul Heyman can get him to approve, not what Heyman himself would book if he had full control.

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