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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-18 10:00:00

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If CM Punk is technically employed by Fox, not WWE, does this leave the door open for him to sign with AEW and wrestle for them while making appearances on WWE-related programming, if he so desired?  Would Vince McMahon and Tony Khan be ok with Punk appearing on programming for both companies at the same time, or would an AEW signing nullify his current Fox deal?

I don’t know the terms of Punk’s deal so I can’t speak on potential clauses in it but suffice to say, if he signed with AEW FOX would NOT put him on their air waves.  They would not need to get a call from WWE to make that decision. They have no desire to help a competitor.

First, we all know WWE promotes the brand as the attraction over the wrestlers these days. Do you think this is a major reason why TV and house show numbers could be down?  As a kid growing up, it was all about larger than life characters like Hogan and Savage, and later Austin and The Rock. By taking away the star power of the their wrestlers, isn't WWE also taking away a major reason to watch the product? 

I think the lack of “cool” characters has hurt WWE.  They used to have guys you loves, like Hogan, Austin, The Rock. They were larger than life, and that engaged people.  Now, most talents are booked as interchangeable.  I think the combination of that and tepid storylines are the reason that ratings and other factors are down.  There is no reason that those missing fans have to tune in or go to shows to see what happens next.

My second question is, is WWE deliberately booking their wrestlers poorly so they don't get "too over?" I know it sounds crazy, but it seems like every time someone is starting to get really over - Kofi Kingston and Kevin Owens are recent examples - WWE cuts the legs out from under them. Could WWE actually be doing this on purpose so their wrestlers don't get bigger than the WWE brand?! 

I can’t say definitively but I can say that you are not the only one who thinks that, including people in the company itself.  Brand over individual seems to be what they are going for.

Well, the gossip was true and CM Punk is back associated with WWE.  Although he officially works for Fox, I’m sure all the key players in WWE management had to approve this deal.  Is this the first stage in an official reconciliation between Punk and WWE?  Is there concern that because he isn’t under contract he doesn’t need to toe the company line and will call out the rotten booking when he sees it?

First, WWE didn’t have to OK it. It’s a FOX show.  If they were against it I am sure they could have put the kibosh on it.  But they didn’t.  I don’t expect Punk to come on a show that is being done to support WWE and shoot all over how the booking is.  It just wouldn’t make sense and it was not what he was brought in to do.

Does WWE add time to contracts of wrestlers who were out with injuries?  If the above is true does that extend to Roman Reigns when missed time due the cancer he beat coming back?

In the standard WWE contract WWE has the option to pay wrestlers their downside guarantee while they are out injured and add time to the contract.  So if they are out four months, the contract extends by four months.  In the case of Reigns, I don’t know if he has the standard deal.  I also am not sure if cancer treatment is considered the same as an injury.

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