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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-17 09:56:00

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When they showed CM Punk's appearance from the Backstage show on Smackdown, they edited out his "Cult of Personality" music and put generic music in its place. Does that mean that Fox paid to use the song and WWE no longer has the right to use it? Will that change if he signs with WWE?

I can’t say it means FOX paid but given WWE has paid to use it for Punk in the past, my guess is that they couldn’t play the music since it would be associated with the wrestler as opposed the guy who works for FOX and does commentary.  If he were to come back and wrestle, I would think WWE would want him to come back with his music.

So for Survivor Series every champion will face their equal on opposite brands, with the exception of the World Champs of each brand, am I the only one feeling as if WWE is saying Adam Cole isn’t on the level of Lesnar and Wyatt? I for one am not even remotely interested in Rey v Lesnar nor do I think Rey could truly beat Brock, Lesnar vs the Fiend on the other hand seems far more entertaining (ps how many F-5s would it take to keep the Fiend down, my guess is one).

I am looking at it from the other point of view.  I don’t see any world that they would have Cole beat Lesnar or Fiend, so I am glad he is not in that position to probably be the one to take the fall.  I am looking at it as a good thing.

The Rusev/Lana/Lashley storyline becomes more and more unwatchable each week, culminating in Lana's dreadful in-ring promo on RAW, where clearly the main goal was to see how many times she can say the word "sex" in one promo.   Is there a portion of the audience that actually enjoys and believes in this storyline?  Is it past time to pull the plug on the whole angle, and if not, how long do you see them dragging it on?

However long it goes is too long to me.  I feel the same way about it that you do.  I can’t say if there are people that are into it or not, I can just say that I can’t wait for it to end.  I get that they were trying to be provocative and edgy but it just hasn’t played out that way to me.

Could CM Punk be the smartest man in the wrestling business? Is it possible that while being paid by Fox to be on WWE programming that it pushes his name and fans ultimately clamoring to see him back in a WWE ring most likely chanting his name during down times of tv programming force Vince to offer him a contract possibly more than Lesnar is making? I don't see CM Punk taking less to put his body through that again. Is it possible that he could end up getting paid twice by two different entities for what is basically the same field of work? Did he just outsmart Vince by forcing his hand or am I overthinking it? 

I think you may be overthinking some of it.  I think he may gets chants more than he has.  I think him working in that capacity increases the chances he could work again, especially when he told Mike Johnson at Starrcast that he is open to doing so.  But with that said, I don’t think he had a diabolical long term plan.  I think he took this job because he wanted to do it and if it becomes more, it becomes more.

Since CM Punk is working with WWE on the backstage show for Fox,  What are the chances that AJ Lee comes back and wrestles for WWE?  Is there any bad blood between her and Vince for how she retired from the company out of the blue without telling anyone? 

Only they know if they have bad blood.  I can’t say.  I also can’t say if she wants to come back and wrestle.  I would think she would listen to an offer and evaluate it from there.

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