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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-15 10:00:00

Where has Terry Funk been?

Home.  Funk has been dealing with several health issues as well as the passing of his wife, so he's chosen to remain close to home in Texas.

I saw you reported Francine is in the hospital.  Any update?

Unfortunately, no.  She is still hospitalized in New Jersey.  We wish her nothing but the best.

If the Hall of Fame is Thursday, what's the Wrestlemania schedule for Tampa?

Thursday - Hall of Fame

Friday - Smackdown

Saturday - NXT Takeover

Sunday - Wrestlemania

Monday - Raw.

I saw NXT is doing their own Injury Report video series.  Are these legit or a work?

I get the impression that they are a mixture of legitimate injuries and worked, storyline material.  We'll always note when something is a storyline injury.

Where is MLW headquartered?

New York.

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