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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-14 10:00:00

I've always wondered about this, when Ric Flair was given his farewell ceremony, everybody backstage came out to celebrate him. That didn't happen for Shawn Michaels when he retired two years later. How come that wasn't the case?

Michaels just wanted to say goodbye.  Flair's retirement was a storyline situation brought about by the company and the farewell ceremony was part of that.  Michaels set a date, made that date and made the decision it was a hard break.  He addressed the crowd and was done, for a long, long time.  He actually turned down the idea of doing farewell appearances in different markets as well.

How long before CM Punk is back in the ring?

He has not signed a deal with WWE as of this writing.  He agreed to a deal with FOX.  Two different things.

I find it so peculiar and mind-blowing that Riho has been wrestling since she was NINE years old. Even in Japan, aren't there loads of legal landmines over a child participating in such a dangerous profession?

I couldn't tell you the legal or cultural differences between the United States and Japan, honestly, so I don't know.  It's not unusual for pro wrestlers even here to start at a young age.  Terry Gordy was 14 when he started.  Harley Race was in High School.  Nine seems excessively young to me, but I don't know the circumstances.  

Is there any word on if AEW will establish its own feeder system? Or are they just going to recruit directly from the indies for the time being?

They have no feeder system at this point.

Why would AEW use Jay and Silent Bob?

Uh, because people love Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes!

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