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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-11 10:00:00

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So at Fyter Fest, Jon Moxley has an unsanctioned match which was a spectacle but no story to it. Then next PPV he's healthy for, he has another unsanctioned match with only a bit more story to it than last time. Is this all we can expect from him and why should I care?

He has a lot of say in the kind of matches he does and it sure does seem that he is what he likes to do so we can probably expect more of it.  At the risk of feeling the wrath of some AEW fans, I think you make a great point about caring.  The issue with Kenny and Dean hasn’t been fleshed out enough to my liking either.  When guys are bringing out barbed wire and fighting in what is basically a death match, it should be really personal and I don’t think the booking has told me a good story here.  We should have had some major stuff go down to get us to this point and frankly I don’t think it should have been six weeks into the company’s TV existence.

Do any of you get a chance to listen much to any wrestlers podcasts on any kind of regular basis?  If so, are there any you feel is better or worse than you might have thought it would be?  Personally I really enjoy Talk If Jericho due to the different topics he tackles from not only wrestling but music (obviously) and paranormal aspects among others and that for me, is a better podcast than I thought it would be. I know Jericho is a great talker but I feel he really is shining in this.  But are they all more or less the same with the occasional interesting one to you?

My plate is pretty full so I only listen to wrestler podcasts if news is being broken on them.  Jericho can definitely talk, no doubt and I would probably enjoy that he talks about topics outside of wrestling but I just don’t have the time to listen.

Hypothetical question for you guys: The downfall of Jim Crockett Promotions has been fairly well documented over the years. A lot of common mistakes that sped up the death. If someone would've prevented some or all of those mistakes, would Vince McMahon still find a way to wipe them out?

Since your question is would Jim Crockett have succeeded had he not made all the mistakes that Jim Crockett made, he would have been a totally different person.  The question is who would that person have been?  Thus far, one promoter has been able to succeed on a national basis in the US, and that’s Vince.  I am of the belief that the other promoters had more to do with their failure than Vince did.  Sure, he is a worthy adversary but as you said with Crockett, he didn’t make the mistakes for the failed promoters, they did.  So if I had to guess, I would guess that different version of Jim Crockett probably would have failed to.

Watching NXT tonight, with the O.C. against Ciampa, Riddle and Lee has me thinking. Was this Triple H’s booking? It seems like the O.C. had different offense than usual. Was this a case of the O.C. not being bound by ‘WWE’ booking? And if so, if ratings come back positive, would you agree this has to have some sort of effect on the way the main roster is booked?

Las question first, not at this time.  Now onto the first question, Triple H and his team run NXT and the TV taping.  They have a different way of laying things out than the main roster does so talents work differently on Wednesdays.

How much damage do you believe the travel issues in Saudi Arabia has caused the credibility of wrestling news such as yourselves, <name deleted> and <name deleted>. Surely by now you need admit it was a bad mistake to report such guff without any proof, apart from your own speculation. I know you can't speak for the other two but was it always your intention to mislead your readers. It was quite laughable that 3 wrestling news websites, which aren't exactly the most reliable anyway report that over 150 American citizens where been held against their will in Saudi Arabia when no other reputable news agency reported any such nonsense. 

I love trolls like you (for the record, this clown sends hate mail to the Q and A on a regular basis), because sooner or later you expose what a moron you are.  Uh Einstein, we never reported any of that.  Feel free to go back and search the site.  You won’t find us “reporting” any of that because we didn’t do it.  I took the names of the other two sites you mentioned out of the question as it’s not my place to comment on their work.  One of them was the originator of the story and the other site cited what the original reported. We always make every effort to at least double source stories before we report them.  In this case, we heard the same chatter that was reported by them but we couldn’t verify it so we did NOT report it.  Feel free to crawl back under your rock now.  Any issues you have are with those two sites, not us.  

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