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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-10 02:30:00

Josh Briggs won the EVOLVE Championship from Austin Theory at the EVOLVE event in Queens, NY last night.  The title change had been planned for some time but it had been a matter of when was the proper time to finish up Theory who signed a WWE NXT deal while Champion.  Theory will finish up with EVOLVE later today at their event in Queens.  Briggs being tapped to be champion means he's pretty much been given an open door in terms of upwards mobility as the last several EVOLVE Champions all landed in the WWE system.

Austin Theory will face Curt Stallion at EVOLVE later today in Brooklyn.  It's the first time they've ever faced off.

Shotzi Blackeart will also be finishing up with EVOLVE in Brooklyn.  Blackheart, the reigning SHINE NOVA Champion will face SHINE Champion Allyson Kay

Matt Sydal's return to EVOLVE and the Evan Bourne name didn't go as planned.  Sydal was wrestling Leon Ruff.  He began experiencing numbness in his arm and fears he may have suffered a neck injury over the course of the match.  Sydal walked out of the ring and was treated backstage by medical staff required to be at the show.  He was checked out and was fine, but is still experiencing numbness and may not compete during Sunday's event.  We are told there's a "small chance" he will wrestle.

Darby Allin commented over the weekend at Starrcast that he wanted all those there to tell "EVOLVE to go f*** themselves."  There were a lot of people upset about that within EVOLVE, feeling he was given opportunities there that allowed him to land where he did.  Allin and EVOLVE's relationship ended poorly.  It's been claimed privately in some circles that Allin had to buy himself out of his EVOLVE contract, but that's never been confirmed officially.

Announced for EVOLVE in Brooklyn, NY:

*NEW EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs vs. Anthony Henry vs. Joe Gacy vs. Brandon Taggart

*EVOLVE Tag Team Champion AR Fox vs. Matt Sydal (this match is tenuous at best)

 *Austin Theory vs. Curt Stallion in Theory's farewell.

 *Arturo Ruas vs. Eddie Kingston.

*Must Be A Winner: NXT star Babatunde vs. JD Drake.

*EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Leon Ruff, Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray vs. Harlem Bravado, Anthony Greene with Brandi Lauren & TBD

*NXT star Reina Gonzalez, Anthony Gutierrez, Michael Verna, Colby Corino, Sean Maluta and more appearing.

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