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By Anthony Pires on 2019-11-09 11:35:00

Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez welcome us to the show from the AEW Studio

Justin Roberts introduces Arn Anderson as the special guest commentator, joining Excalibur and Golden Boy.

Big Swole vs Hikaru Shida

We begin with a collar and elbow (not to mention the Charlotte, NC fan base is on fire for this).  Clean break against the ropes.  Process repeated and Swole playes up her strength. Side headlock by Swole, Shida sends her to the ropes and Swole takes her down with a shoulderlock, immediate kip up by Shida, who eats a dropkick from Swole. Swole again plays to the crowd.  Arm drag by Shida, drop toe hold and a dropkick to a prone Swole by Shida.  Shida drapes Swole on the apron and hits a running knee lift from the floor. Shida sets up and chair and leaps off of it into a knee strike. Back in the ring, Shida with kicks and a bodyslam.  Half Boston Crab by Shida.  Swole turns it over but Shida with stomps, Swole slumps to the corner and Shida hits a running knee for 2.  Shida with forearms to the back, Swole files back with punches and running uppercut.  DDT by Swole for 2.  Guillotine choke by Swole.  Shida tries to reverse into a suplex but Swole rolls her up in a small package.  Knee strike and backbreaker by Shida.  Shida misses a running knee strike and Swole connects with a front kick.  Swole goes for a clothesline but misses, Swole ducks a clothesline but eats another knee strike for 2.  Running knee strike on a dazed Swole and Shida gets the pin.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida

Arn Anderson leaves the broadcast book as Jenn Sterger interviews Shida.  Shida's English is very good.  There's real star quality to her.  Shida predicts an Emi Sakura victory in her challenge to Riho at Full Gear.

Tony and Sasha make a quick comment and its right back to the ring.

Nyla Rose and Leva Bates vs Shalandra Royal and Shazza McKenzie

Chuck Taylor joins the booth.  Charlotte, NC is a big fan of being shushed.  Bates cuts no promo on her way to the ring.  Rose comes out next (seems wrong that she has a 1-3 record in AEW).  Bates is playing up the fact that she has a great partner.  McKenzie and Rose start us off.  McKenzie goes behind and tries a belly to back takedown.  It does not work.  Rose with a shoulderblock.  McKenzie tries a kick but Rose runs right through her.  McKenzie rolls over and gets the tag to Royal, who tries a dropkick and forearms to no effect.  Bates is giddy on the outside.  Bodyslam by Rose.  Rose raining elbows.  Bates wants a tag but Rose no sells her.  McKenzie and Royal with a double team trying a tandem suplex on Rose.  It does not work.  Rose with a double suplex on her own.  Rose misses a splash but immediately hits a double chokeslam.  Bodyslam and a legdrop by Rose onto McKenzie.  Fallaway slam by Rose on Royal (Rose is just letting them tag in and out at this point).  Bates is begging for a tag but Rose shoves Royal into her, knocking Bates off the apron.  German suplex on McKenzie.  Bates is now reading a book and drinking coffee on the apron.  Rose is just toying with her opponents at this point.  Rose slams Royal into the ring, running kick by Rose.  Death Valley Driver by Rose on Royal, pin gets broken up by McKenzie, who somehow wants this massacre she's enduring to continue.  Rose decides to given them both a double samoan drop.  Rose off the top rope with a senton on both her opponents.  Mercifully she gets the pin.

WINNERS: Leva Bates and Nyla Rose.

Post match interview: Rose puts the entire women's division on notice.  Talks about being disrespected by AEW and will take out the women's division single handedly.

Tony and Dasha go over the entire Full Gear card review Cody's startling announcement from Dynamite that he'll no longer challenge for the AEW World Title if he does not defeat Chris Jericho.

We go to a full length video preview of Cody vs. Chris Jericho

Tony and Dasha are back in the control center (Dasha has made 2 different wardrobe changes in the hour) and we go to our main event.

TheHybrid2 (Jack Evans and Angelico) & Kip Sabian vs SCU (Kazarian and Sky) & CIMA

No SCU promo, so Charlotte may not be the worst town Scorpio Sky has ever been in.  CIMA starts off with Angelico.  Lock up and a series of reverse armtwists, CIMA with the takedown into a full armbar.  Angelico reverses and gets an armbar of his own.  CIMA tries to escape but Angelico keeps it locked.  CIMA escapes with a leg sweep but Angelico with a gut punch to stop momentum.  Dropkick by CIMA, tags in Kazarian.  Evans tags in and eats two armdrags, Kaz slows things down with an armbar.  Roundhouse kick escape by Evans tags in Sabian.  Sledgehammers by Sabian on KAz.  Sabian tries a fisherman suplez but Kaz clotheslines out of it, tags in Sky, who gets a 2 after a legdrop.  Kaz back in with a clothesline for 2.  Tags in CIMA, who gets an arm twist, tags in Sky who comes off the top with a sledgehammer on Sabian's arm.  Another arm twist by Sky, Sabian gets behind but Sky elbows his way out.  Sabian gets Sky in the corner.  Sabian with an eye gouge.  Evans with a pump kick on Sky as the ref's back is turned.  Sabian gets a 1 count.  Chinlock by Sabian.  Knee strike and clothesline by Sabian for 2.  Tag in by Angelico.  Double team with Evans and Evans rolls up Sky for 2.  Sabian is in and he hits a knee for 2.  Front facelock by Sabian.  Sky reverses a whip and hits a dropkick, makes the tag to CIMA.  CIMA takes care of TH2 with knees and a dropkicks.  CIMA suplexes Sabian onto Angelico and throws Evans on to them both.  Off the top, CIMA hits a double knee stomp on to all 3 opponents.  Backstabber by CIMA.  Angelico hits a right hand, tags in Evans who hits the assisted 450 on CIMA for 2.  All 6  are now fighting, Kaz hits a cutter on Angelico, while CIMA hits a German suplex on Evans off the top for 2.  Sabian tags in.  CIMA ducks a clothesline and tags Kazarian.  Dropkick by Kaz.  SCULater, a tag to CIMA, who hots a Meterora on Sabian for the pin.

WINNERS: Scorpio Sku, Frankie Kazarian and CIMA.

Final Commercial for Full Gear




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