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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-11-09 02:48:00

On Friday night, I attended IPW Hardcore’s Back for More show at the Gulf View Event Center in Port Richey, Florida. Here are the results from the show:
Match Number One: The Storm defeated Faboo Andre
Match Number Two: Frankie Lancaster defeated Francisco Ciatso (with Stormie Lee) with an O’Connor Roll.
Match Number Three: Romeo Quevedo defeated Zachary Cooper with a moonsault to retain the WNC Florida Title
Match Number Four: Erick Stevens defeated Jon Davis with a brainbuster.
Match Number Five: Snoop Strikes, Troy Hollywood, and Steve Madison defeated Scoot Andrews and The Metro Brothers.
Match Number Six: Eddie Taurus defeated Bruce Santee (with Dontay Brown) with a uranage.
Match Number Seven: Heartbreak Express (Sean Davis and Phil Davis) versus The Dirty Blondes (Leo Brien and Michael Patrick) after interference by Faboo Andre and the New Heavenly Bodies (Vito DeNucci and Chris Nelson)
Match Number Eight: Southern Posse (Rick Thames and Sonny Trout) defeated Inner Aggression (Bill Payne and Butch Long [with Star Stevens])


Thoughts on Back for More:

This is the first time that I have been to this venue and it has a nice set up. It feels a little like you are at a TV Studio because of the small size and the set up. This is also the venue that ACW runs their weekly Wednesday night shows.
IPW Hardcore has a unique and loyal fanbase and it might be a shock for people attending their first show for the company. The fans are very loyal to the people who wrestle for the company and definitely prefer the hardcore style of match.
The match that I traveled to see was the Jon Davis versus Erick Stevens match since I have not had a chance to see any live matches from Erick during his return to wrestling. This match did not disappoint and was worth the frustration of dealing with Tampa area rush hour traffic on a Friday. However, most of the fans in attendance were not enamored with the performance and were doing boring chants at the start of the match as well as booing the handshake between Stevens and Davis after the match (but later in the show after one of the bloody brawls, the crowd applauded a handshake). After the match, Davis got on the mic and asked if the people wanted to see him and Stevens fight more, and when they said they did, he told them to buy a ticket for the next time they wrestle and he left the ring. Erick Stevens then got on the mic and cut a promo running down the crowd for the way they reacted to the match and mentions what all of the wrestlers do for the fans.
After the six man tag match, The Metro Brothers attacked Andrews until Steve Madison came out. Madison said that he does not like Scoot, but if he needs help against the Metros, he would be there. Scoot then said that he is 52 years old and Ron Niemi can’t convince him to come back for another match. After the crowd prodded him, Scoot said that he might be willing to come back for one more match.
One of the funniest moments of the night was when Bruce Santee was wrestling Eddie Taurus and he started a chant that is normally done at Tampa Bay Buccaneers games and then after getting the crowd to react, he tells them that he hates the Bucs and is a Saints fan (while Santee has a tattoo of the Buccaneers logo on his shoulder).
After the Santee/Taurus match, Santee mentioned that he has been the teacher to Taurus’ student and on this night, the student was better and he put over Eddie Taurus.
While it is weird to see a No Contest in a Hardcore Match (referee’s discretion?), the post match festivities led to Vito DeNucci telling Sean Davis how much he hates him and that the New Heavenly Bodies challenged the Heartbreak Express to a Loser Must Retire Match for IPW Hardcore’s Show during Wrestlemania week (date and venue was not announced).
In the main event, it appeared that Inner Aggression had won the match, but the pinfall was made by a referee who took over for the original referee who was knocked out. Then the other referee ‘recovered’ and made the three count for The Southern Posse.
JJ Dillon, who was in town for a wrestling convention this weekend was in attendance at the show. Other former wrestlers from IPW were at the show, including Kubiak.

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