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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-08 23:52:00

Just hours after he announced he had retired from MMA, can exclusively confirm that King Mo Lawal, who has appeared in the past for Impact Wrestling, will make his official Major League Wrestling debut at tomorrow's TV taping in Orlando, Florida.

Lawal competed on tonight's BELLATOR broadcast on the Paramount Network, wearing the MLW logo on his trunk during a first round KO loss to Andrew Kapel.  Lawal stated afterwards that the fight would be his final time competing in MMA. 

We are told Lawal and MLW have been in discussions for about two months about working together before locking in a deal.

Lawal,38, trained in professional wrestling in Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2012 after signing contracts in both MMA and pro wrestling when BELLATOR and Impact were both SpikeTV television properties.  Lawal has made additional appearances beyond Impact, including a House of Hardcore appearance in the past. has confirmed that Lawal will be appearing at tomorrow's MLW taping, but has not confirmed he will be wrestling.

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