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By Paul Jordan on 2019-11-08 21:08:00

Jim Crockett Jr. spoke with Sports Illustrated.

Kofi Kingston did an interview with talkSPORT.


Sportsfriends Battle with WWE’s New Day

John Cena's WrestleMania-Style "State Your Case"

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WWN Alerts - November 8th, 2019

What Match Is Tommaso Ciampa Looking Forward To At EVOLVE This Weekend?

What Match Is Tommaso Ciampa Looking Forward To At EVOLVE This Weekend?


We have more breaking news and previews for this weekend. Let's get to it....


Another Big Return This Weekend: NXT Superstar Malcolm Bivens, who was known as Stokely Hathaway in EVOLVE and on the independents, tweeted that he will return to EVOLVE this Saturday in Queens, NY at La Boom. Why is he coming? We'll find out tomorrow.


New Live Event Host: Veteran pro wrestler and comedian Dan Barry will be the special live event host at EVOLVE this Saturday in Queens, NY and this Sunday in Brooklyn, NY. Regular ring announcer Trevin Adams will join Lenny Leonard, fresh off a tour of Japan for Dragon Gate, on commentary.


EVOLVE Title Match In Livonia, MI: The EVOLVE Championship will be defended in Livonia, MI on December 6th. The challenger will be determined at this weekend's events. Tickets are now on sale at


Chicago Gets Champion vs. Champion Match: NXT UK Champion WALTER will wrestle the EVOLVE Champion on December 7th at the Logan Square Auditorium in a non-title clash of champions. This means it'll be WALTER vs. either Austin Theory or Josh Briggs. We will find out after EVOLVE 139 this Saturday in Queens, NY. Tickets for EVOLVE in Chicago are now on sale at


Another Opportunity: Big Game Leroy impressed at an EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout last time in Brooklyn. He was added to the EVOLVE card that night and impressed again. He will get another opportunity in EVOLVE this Saturday in Queens, NY! Check out this highlight to see what makes Big Game Leroy so unique. There are still openings in this Sunday's EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout with special guest NXT Champion Adam Cole. Go to the Seminar/Tryout section for info.


Women's Match Signed For Brooklyn: NXT Superstar Reina Gonzalez vs. Alex Gracia has been signed for EVOLVE 140 this Sunday in Brooklyn, NY. This event will also feature Shotzi Blackheart's final EVOLVE match. Her final opponent will be determined on Saturday.



Watch All The Action On Club WWN: Sign up for Club WWN at now and get this weekend's EVOLVE double shot and SHINE show in your first month! Hold on, there's more. Sign up today and get next month's EVOLVE cards in your first month! That's four loaded EVOLVE cards and more for only $9.99! Go to the Club WWN FAQ section if you have any questions. What a deal!


SHINE Lineup: SHINE has one of the most unique main events in company history this Saturday afternoon in Queens, NY at La Boom. Tickets are available at Here is a quick look at the lineup:


-Six Woman War! - All SHINE Championships Are On The Line: SHINE Champion Allysin Kay & BTY of Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson vs. SHINE Nova Champion Shotzi Blackheart & SHINE Tag Team Champions Triple Aye of Aja Perera & Big Swole with Ayla

-Rematch from SHINE 61: Brandi Lauren vs. Alex Gracia

-Natalia Markova vs. Double D'Rose

-Team Sea Stars of Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo vs. Avery Taylor & Brittany Blake

-Candy Cartwright vs. Notorious Nadi

=Tina San Antonio vs. Vanity

-Madi Maxx vs. Savannah Evans


Matt Sydal Is reBOURNE!

Matt Sydal Is reBOURNE!

EVOLVE Quickie Previews: Here's what's going down at EVOLVE this weekend:


EVOLVE 139 - Queens, NY - Nov. 9th - Tix & Info


Watch Live On Club WWN - Only $9.99 Per Month


Special Reduced Ticket Prices!


NXT Superstars Available For Meet & Greets:


-NXT Champion Adam Cole
-Tommaso Ciampa
-EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory

-Shotzi Blackheart

-Arturo Ruas



EVOLVE Championship Match - If Anyone Interferes They Will Be Banned From EVOLVE

Austin Theory defends vs. Josh Briggs


This feud has escalated since Wrestlemania weekend. Briggs almost had the EVOLVE Title won from Theory last time at La Boom, but Kassius Ohno cost him the match. This time if anyone interferes they will be banned from EVOLVE. This will be Briggs' last shot at Theory. If Theory loses, he will be out of EVOLVE. This is what a big title match is all about. Who is your pick?


No Holds Barred Match

JD Drake vs. Anthony Henry


These former tag team partners and best friends have been in a feud that can best be described as demented. They are tied 1-1 after the brutal North Carolina Backyard Brawl last month at EVOLVE 138. We get a tie breaker this Saturday. It will be No Holds Barred. Will this get settled?


Relaxed Rules - If Any Unwanted Member Interfere They Will Be Suspended

Babatunde vs. Eddie Kingston


Kingston and his Unwanted crew have attacked Babatunde numerous times. They feel he doesn't deserve a spot at the WWE Performance Center and are looking to take him out. Kingston and Babatunde brawled to a no contest last month at EVOLVE 137 when Sean Maluta and Colby Corino of The Unwanted got involved. La Boom will get the rematch and it will be Relaxed Rules with suspensions for anyone who gets involved. Can Babatunde finally shut up Kingston?


First Time Ever Match

Matt Sydal, FKA Evan Bourne vs. EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Leon Ruff


Ruff grew up with Sydal as a primary wrestling influence. Sydal is looking to be rebourne in EVOLVE. This one pits one of the top new cruiserweights against a man who paved the way. Who will win?


Preview Of The Future Of NXT's Women's Division

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Reina Gonzalez


Blackheart helped build the women's division in EVOLVE. She just started at the WWE PC. Gonzalez wants to see what she's all about. This is a preview of the future of NXT's women's division. Can Shotzi show she belongs in NXT with a victory?


Tag Team Grudge Match

Arturo Ruas & Anthony Gutierrez vs. Joe Gacy & Sean Maluta


It was total chaos after EVOLVE 138 when The Unwanted challenged Ruas and Gutierrez to a fight. Now we'll get it this Saturday. What will happen when these four fighters collide?


Special Challenge Match

EVOLVE Tag Team Champion AR Fox with Ayla & The Skulk vs. Colby Corino


The Skulk and The Unwanted settled their feud last time at La Boom. However, Colby Corino wasn't involved. Now Corino wants the leader of The Skulk one-on-one. Will this be a career defining match for Corino?


Tag Team Special Challenge Match

Curt Stallion & Brandon Taggart vs. Harlem Bravado & Anthony Greene with Brandi Lauren


Greene distracted Stallion leading to a loss to NXT Superstar Cameron Grimes at EVOLVE 137. This was a huge opportunity for Stallion and Greene ruined it. Greene then kicked Stallion in the head at EVOLVE 138. Greene knocked Taggart out of the Evolution's Edge Tournament in shady fashion by using the ropes for leverage. Bravado & Greene have formed some kind of alliance, but now they'll be faced with two enemies in one match. Can Stallion & Taggart get revenge?


Plus more with Adrian Alanis, Liam Gray, Big Game Leroy and others!!!


There will be another big match signed to this event!


The End Is Near For Austin Theory?

The End Is Near For Austin Theory?


EVOLVE 140 - Brooklyn, NY - Nov. 10th - Tix & Info


Watch Live On Club WWN - Only $9.99 Per Month!


Special Reduced Ticket Prices!


NXT Superstars Available For Meet & Greets:


-NXT Champion Adam Cole
-Tommaso Ciampa
-EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory

-Shotzi Blackheart

-Arturo Ruas


The Main Event

EVOLVE Tag Team Champion AR Fox vs. Matt Sydal, FKN Evan Bourne


You have two of the best high-flyers over the last 10 years. This is what pro wrestling is all about. No hype needed. Who will win?


Non-Title 1st Time Ever Match

EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory vs. Curt Stallion


Theory crashed Stallion's victory celebration last time in Brooklyn. Stallion wants a chance to even the score. He'll get it this Sunday. Theory will fulfill this obligation even if he loses the EVOLVE Title on Saturday. Can Stallion be the one to shut up Theory?


Grudge Match

Arturo Ruas vs. Eddie Kingston


You have two legitimate tough guys from very different backgrounds in this fight. There is no respect between Ruas and Kingston. What will happen when they collide?


Must Be A Winner - EVOLVE 130 Rematch

Babatunde vs. JD Drake


These two were putting on a hard-hitting hoss fight classic at EVOLVE 130 in Brooklyn before The Unwanted. hit the ring to ruin it. Now Brooklyn will get the rematch and there will be a winner. Who is your pick?


Four Way Freestyle Hoss Fight

Josh Briggs vs. Anthony Henry vs. Joe Gacy vs. Brandon Taggart


You have four bruisers in this one. Briggs could enter the match as EVOLVE Champion. Either way, the winner of this one is sure to move into title contention. Anything can happen in this Four Way Freestyle. What is your prediction?


Six Man Tag Team Action

EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Leon Ruff, Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray vs. Harlem Bravado, Anthony Greene with Brandi Lauren & TBD from EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout


Alanis & Gray vs. Bravado & Greene tore the house down at EVOLVE 137 last month. It will be escalated into a six man tag team match this Sunday in the rematch. Can The Skulk continue their momentum?


Bonus Match

Reina Gonzalez vs. Alex Gracia


Gracia is rising on the independent wrestling scene. Gonzalez has potential to be a dominating force. A victory by Gracia over an NXT Superstar can change the course of her career. Can she do it this Sunday?


Shotzi Blackheart's Farewell To EVOLVE!


Blackheart's opponent will be determined after SHINE 62. Who will it be?


Plus more with Anthony Gutierrez, Michael Verna, Colby Corino, Sean Maluta and others!!!


There will be 10 big matches on this event. More will be added at EVOLVE 139.


Whatever It Takes To Make This End...

Whatever It Takes To Make This End...

Conclusion: What match are you looking forward to the most this weekend? Tweet using hashtag #EVOLVE139 or #EVOVLE140 depending on which event it is on and let us know. Thank you for all your support! We hope you will join us either in person or on Club WWN for this weekend's events. They are only possible because of your support. Thank you!


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