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By William Bertran on 2019-11-08 18:58:00

*WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors defeated Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.  Shayna Baszler came to ringsuide and was watching. Bayley attacked her.

*Drew McIntyre pinned Sin Cara. 

*R-Truth fought The Singh Brothers for the WWE 24/7 title but it ended with Truth chasing them off.

*Seth Rollins cuts a promo and says he wants the best the UK has to offer.  Imperium comes out, setting up….

*Seth Rollins defeated WWE UK Champion WALTER by DQ when the other members of Imperium interfere.  Kevin Owens and the Street Profits made the save, setting up…..

*Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens & The Street Profits defeated Imperium.

*The O.C. bully Humberto Carillo and Ricochet.  It leads to a challenge for a six man tag...and Randy Orton agrees to team against the OC

*Andrade pinned Cedric Alexander.

*Lana came out and revealed that she’s nine weeks pregnant and it has to be Rusev’s because she didn’t sleep with Bobby Lashley until much later.  Rusev comes out and during this, he admits (I SWEAR) he’s a sex addict. Lashley attacked Rusev and laid him out. Lashley left with Lana.

*Erick Rowan defeated an unnamed opponent.

*WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders defeated Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews.

*Randy Orton & Ricochet & Humberto Carrillo defeated The O.C.

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