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By Kendall Jenkins on 2019-11-08 08:31:00

All Issues of Live Online Communication

The continuing boom of YouTube, video content and live communication tools emphasizes the necessity of visual contact between interlocutors for a more efficient interaction…even laggards agree. But what about subtleties like ‘is there any dependence between the quality of the video and its perception?’ or ‘is video-chatting able to tighten friend and family bonds?’ These are definitely worth exploring and explaining.

Video Quality: Keeping High Standards

The overall audiovisual quality obviously depends on the quality of audio and video. Surprisingly, the latter makes a greater impact. According to research, the effect of the video quality on the overall perception of the material is 6 times higher than that of the audio quality in non-conversational experiments. Video-calls change the perception of reality. Whether you are traveling or at a meeting, you can call anyone anytime and converse as much as you want and for free. Business opportunities are countless: product-related webinars and Q&A sessions, live announcements, virtual concerts, engagement experiments, influencer marketing – these and more tricks help modern companies to learn their customers better and ensure they are aware of all the bells and whistles of the latest contraptions. Be it an advanced business built around the next-generation live casino solutions or an elementary online shop selling cups, constant video-connection is one of the cornerstones of customer relationships. However, all of the above makes sense when the quality is top-notch, meaning the audio mustn’t echo, the person must see you clearly, and the resolution must be acceptable. Though you may not achieve the commercial quality, a few advice below will help you to utilize your video-calls to the fullest:

  • Update the software. The outdated software not necessarily reduces the quality of the picture, but sometimes this is the case, so don’t be lazy to check for updates before an important call.
  • Make the background appropriate. The wallpaper of fish or animals on the background is probably fine for every occasion, whereas the shattered poster of Britney Spears may not impress your opponent. Also, make sure there’s enough light on the background and in the broadcasted area.
  • Cancel memory-consuming tasks. Mining bitcoin or downloading flicks may not be the best idea to pair with a life-changing video-call: the lagging PC will make the picture go in spikes.
  • Adjust your webcam and app settings. Volume, brightness, contrast, and other important parameters can be regulated in the settings of your webcam, as well as in the app you are using for video-calls.

Video-conferencing is an inevitable part of the professional routine, but we tend to underestimate the details that decide between a burdensome and a prolific video-call. And since it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, you should rather care about the proper video picture than crafting your words.

Influence on Personal Relationships

If you are lonely and searching for friends or just want to strengthen the existing bonds, video communication is what you need! The research on the effects of text, audio, video, and in-person communication on bonding between friends claims that texting and audio are inferior to video-calls in terms of creating strong interpersonal bonds. More than that: the long-term connection is related to certain emotions of the interlocutors. That is rather about the way you behave during the call than the fact of the call itself that shapes the aftertaste of the call.

Closing Thoughts

Though none of the online communication tools can completely replace a real conversation, the visual perception and the emotions that the speech conveys do make difference, so much better to have imperfect, impaired access to them that don’t have it at all. On the other hand, we are just at the beginning of the digital era, and there’s no doubt the technology will grow exponentially. Advanced cloud environments, interoperability, and flexibility, as well as a deeper understanding of the individual’s needs, are only a few hundreds and thousands of innovations that are likely to happen within the next decade. There is no doubt voice technology will bring new business models and open new markets, as well as help businesses in building more transparent and interactive societies.

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