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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-08 10:00:00

Do you think WWE is lying to their talents about the plane issues in Saudi Arabia?

No, I really don't.  The first thing I heard was that it was fuel pump issue and that a part needed to be brought in from another country.  I think there was a lot of fear from the talents and that's something WWE needs to address, but I've yet to hear from anyone within the company that it was anything but a mechanical issue.

I was reading that Ken Shamrock took a bump from a suplex position to the floor on the Impact TV this man insane?

Yes, I think he is, in the right way for pro wrestling.  That was nutty.

When you go to Starrcast for the first time, what do you suggest doing first?  I am going to Baltimore and it's a little overwhelming.

This is what I would do - plan in advance who you want to meet and buy those tickets.  Then, if you are going to the stage shows, decide which ones you want to see.  When you get there, hit the vendor room and check out what you might want to buy  Just bring comfortable shoes and enjoy yourself.  The experience is going to be whatever you make of it, nothing more.

If Cody is a babyface in AEW, why is his wife a heel?

Why do Republicans marry Democrats?  Why do Mets fans marry Yankee fans?  Love is a mystery.

Whatever happened to Abdullah the Butcher's restaurant?

It closed a few years ago, which was a shame.  I really enjoyed it when I visited it.


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