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By Paul Jordan on 2019-11-08 09:00:00

On today's "Jerry Lawler Show" Podcast, The King discusses Monday's talent meeting this past week at Raw.

Regarding the issues discussed at the talent meeting regarding Saudi Arabia travel this past Monday, Lawler states that Vince addressed the roster saying, they never saw so many issues happening with travel at one time.  The King states he was not aware of any of the issues before the talent meeting. The Hall of Famer explains how many were frustrated that things were not explained to them regarding issues with fueling the plane and an onboard sensor.  He discusses the language barrier that causes more problems. 

According to Lawler, AJ Styles and Karl Anderson spoke up about talent concerns not knowing what the hell was going on.  Lawler states everything was explained in detail, debunking rumors and talking about the new Saudi deal through 2027. 

According to Lawler Vince said that they would not be using that charter company anymore.  The King says that wrestlers are their own worst enemy when it comes to believing what they hear.

The King also discusses travel stories with Isaac Hayes, his first nor'easter and being stuck in certain places and his appearance College GameDay this past Saturday and the rampage of Brock Lesnar taking out Dio Maddin.

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