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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-11-07 23:49:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory”

Season 2, Episode 6

11/7/19 - Worcester, MA

It’s rainy as hell tonight. Beyond is going old school on the pre-show. The roster is surrounding the ring and everyone is being invited to stream the opening match on the social platform of their choosing. And that match is....

Spotlight Match: DL Hurst vs Bobby Orlando (w/ Bobby Jr)

For the uninformed, Bobby Jr is a stuffed goat that’s hanging out on the turnbuckle. Generally pro-Hurst crowd. Orlando wants a test of strength, he cheaps out and Hurst takes out the knee and hits a senton. Corner cannonball and a fisherman’s buster for a two count. Hurst wants a dive after a retreating Orlando but Bobby Jr gets tossed in. Hurst uses it against its namesake to land a springboard hangman’s dropkick. Orlando doesn’t want any more damage and is hugging the rope. It’s a trap! Hurst is swept to the apron and Orlando follows up with a top rope dropkick. Flip DVD for a two count. Orlando up top to declare the final move but Hurst throws him down. Hurst misses a spear and Orlando hits a backstabber for two. Orlando goes for a flip senton to the apron but misses. Hurst hits that tope suicida. Hurst hits a razor edge style fallaway slam for the three count.

Winner: DL Hurst

Fun match here. Hurst is fun to watch. Orlando is a decent goof. Liked that finisher a lot. Crowd was a little quiet (mostly being tied to their phones) though I expected a little more tomfoolery/loudness coming from the ringside wrestlers. Good experiment for some social media fun times and exposure here.

And we’re liiiiiiive!

Match 1: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder) vs Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) vs “Man of Steel” Mike Verna & “The Pectoral Poseidon” Rex Lawless vs Alex Reynolds & VSK (w/ Smart Mark Sterling)

A big tag scramble to kick this week’s show off! Half this match broke the ring a few weeks back so this could go sideways (thruways?) in about 10 minutes. Also Bear Beefcake is Bear Boulder now? Cool cool cool. Lot of squabbling at the start but Reynolds finds himself in the unenviable position of starting this match against Bear Boulder. No one wants to let him tag out so he gets beat down. VSK tries to do better (Narrator: he didn’t). Milk Chocolate gets some cheap shots in and dropkick the beats outside. Verna and Lawless smash the candy boys for a near fall before beckoning the Bears back in for a big fight. Reynolds and VSK prevent that from going down, send the bears out and dive after. Lawless tries to dive everyone but they catch him. Summers with a top rope double stomp to the outside to drop everyone. Big high-angle dives outside from Watts & Verna. Lawless and Boulder inside to face off but the small boys swarm to beat them down. Their partners help them to hit tandem double fallaway slams and the big boys get their showdown finally! Bears escape a double fireman’s carry to hit stereo spears. Both go to the top. Both get powerbombed down. Cannonballs from the bears on the pop up and a double double clothesline lays out everyone. Milk Chocolate swarms on Reynolds and gets a close two after a flurries of strikes and lariats. Verna and Lawless with the hart attack powerslam on Milk Chocolate but the Bears break it up. Bears hit the elevator drop on Verna but Sterling distracts. Reynolds throws another fireball in Bronson’s eyes and steals the pin on the Man of Steel.

Winners: Alex Reynolds & VSK

This was good stuff. I loved the constant tease towards the hoss fight and the return of Reynolds’ stupid fireball. Sterling on the mic. They will do ANYTHING to win. The crowd is making it hard for them to do talking. He declares they are going to be the Aces of the tag division, promoting “Earth Angel” to hit and Thomas Santell to make his entrance. Santell says they may have beat three other phenomenal tag teams....but they didn’t beat Nerder Death Kill. NDK is undefeated in Beyond. Smart Mark tries to weasel out it but next week: it’s Reynolds and VSK vs NDK. Yes please!

Match 2: Leyla Hirsch vs Lady Frost (w/ Victor Benjamin)

Hirsch is mocking of Frost’s steampunk stylings. Benjamin and Frost blindside Leyla before the bell. Wheeler Yuta out to make the save! It appears we have a tag match!

Match 2: Wheeler Yuta & Leyla Hirsch vs Lady Frost & Victor Benjamin

The steampunks kids powder and Their opponents immediately dive after them. Frost back in the ring, misses a clothesline and eats a shoulder block. Yuta with a rope flip senton for a two count. They can’t QUITE get on the same page for a double back drop, frost makes the tag and Benjamin wipes them both out with a flying back elbow. Leyla taking a bunch of shots from Frost & Benjamin as Yuta tries to cheer her on. Leyla eats a handspring cannonball. Yuta with a hot tag but it doesn’t last long. Benjamin with a big German and a tandem neckbreaker with Frost. Leyla pulls Frost out and throws her through the first row of chairs. Yuta plants Benjamin to the mat and Leyla hits the moonsault for the pin.

Winner: Yuta & Hirsch

Good match. This was a better showing from Frost & Benjamin than a few weeks ago and the tag format helped Leyla warm back into Beyond’s weekly format.

Match 3: Richard Holliday (w/ Cam Zagami & Ken Doane) vs Solo Darling (w/ Officer K9 Magnum)

Squaring off with chops and strikes. Solo makes Holliday drops his AirPods and he stomps her out for it. Cam changes his music for inspiration. Holliday misses a bronco buster and solo chops out his legs. She tries to get him up for a reverse DVD but she can’t hold him. Top rope bulldog and solo is hyping up, Code Red for a two count! Solo steals the AirPods and goes for a cloverleaf. Holliday slaps her in the face and brutally powerbombs her to the mat. Instant three count.

Winner: Richard Holliday

Solo should have put up a better fight than this but my god, that high-velocity powerbomb was crazy looking. Enjoyable fight here. It’s time for the Discovery Gauntlet! You gotta win it to stay in it! Matt Makowski got his receipt on Tony Deppen last week and took his spot back on the mountain. Tonight’s test? O’Shay Edwards.

Match 4: “Weapon X” Matt Makowski vs “Big Bad Kairi” O’Shay Edwards

This is a stand up fight at the bell. Edwards gets the leg and absorbs a half dozen chops before crushing Makowski to the mat with one of his own. They battle over a waist lock but Makowski gets the takedown and lands a bunch of shots to the back of the head. Matt has the rear choke but Edwards slams out of it. Edwards goes for a apron deadlift suplex and almost doesn’t make it. Another pair of suplexes to Makowski. Matt fights off another and suplexes the big man back. Makowski sinks in a deeeeeeep crossface armbar but O’Shay fights out. Makowski works the arm more and sinks in an armbar. Edwards deadlifts and slams him out of it. Standup fight again as Makowski wears down Edwards with strikes and kicks. Edwards with a spine buster for a near fall. Double underhook suplex from the top by Makowski but Kaju kicks out at one. Edwards wants a burning hammer but can’t finish the job, Makowski hit a German into another armbar and Edwards taps out immediately.

Winner: Matt MakowskI!

Loved the MMA fight feel of this one. Makowski is starting to get boos here, as this crowd loved Deppen and Edwards. O’Shay is a beast and I’d love to see him again against some of Beyond’s big bruisers.

Match 5: Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) vs To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney & Cheech)

The Sea Stars are the newly crowned Shimmer Tag Champs! They get the best of the boys to start but get choked on the rope going for a double dive. Colin working over Exo until she hits a codebreaker, holds it and Vox comes down from the top. 2I&B is going for stuff but the champs cut them off with backstabbers. Then battle on the outside and Sea Stars eat a great hangman’s DDT/gutbuster combo. Exo and Delaney fighting, Exo wipes out with a springboard stunner. Vox with the fishhook on Cheech. Exo slams him down and Vox off the top again to end this.

Winners: Sea Stars

Good quick match with plenty of fun spots. The Sea Stars have come a long way over the last few years! Crowd loves the Sea Stars. Delaney and Cheech had a good showing last season and great o see them back on Uncharted Territory!

Match 6: Jay Freddie vs “Remix” Kevin Bennett

Brandon Thurston said he wouldn’t come to Worcester to face Freddie again. Instead, he’s sending one of his students, Kevin Bennett. Bennett does a dumb thing and pie faces Freddie. He eats a spear for that transgression. Jay Freddie beats Kevin Bennett post to post with strikes, slams, chops, & kicks. Bennett gets a cheap gut shot but Freddie is too angry and kicks the kid off the apron. Remix hits a cool 619 style

Splash and starts to work over Freddie. Freddie finally back with a destroyer for a two count. Remix with a top rope cutter for two. Corkscrew cutter for another two. Remix trying to emulate his teacher and kick Freddie in the balls. He fails, gets powerbombed and a big lariat keeps him down for three.

Winner: Jay Freddie

Freddie is intense as hell in this fight. Bennett got some time to showcase his good moves and obnoxious persona but Freddie ain’t losing here. Bennett should get maybe a week on the Gauntlet to show what else he can do.

Match 7: RetroAG Anthony Greene, Ava Everett & Josh Briggs vs Team Pazuzuhausen (Chris Dickinson, Pinkie Sanchez & Danhausen)

Briggshausen looks wary of his overly rambunctious teammates. Danhausen has his shaker jar of loose teeth. He wants to earn a Pazuzu knee pad and tonight is his chance. He starts against Briggs who wants none of his shenanigans. Briggs goes for the chokeslam but Danhausen flips into a choke. Dickinson in against Greene but Ava wants a piecehausen of the Dirty Daddy. Pazuzuhausen think they have the advantage but Retro et all hit a triple Old School. Danhausen gets “Tequila” and fends off Ava and Greene until Briggs boots him off the apron and dives over the corner post at everyone. Pinkie getting worked over by Greene and Ava. He tries to escape but Briggs gutwrenches him up and plops him back in the wrong part of town. Ava gets shots in and Briggs with a big backbreaker and slam down for a two. Pinkie is resurrected and tags Dickinson. Dickinson wipes out Briggs with a flying forearm. Danhausen hits a big German on Greene and pours the teeth down his throat. Briggs with the chokeslam powerbomb but Pinkie cuts him off with a top rope springboard ddt. Chaos until Dickinson and Ava are left....double superkick and it’s down to Greene and Sanchez. They trade fast pin attempts and Pinkie holds him back for the threehausen.

Winners: Team Pazuzuhausen

Danhausen earned his Pazuzu knee pad! Crazy fun match here with lots of goofy stuff that I loved and hard hitting action that I also loved. Danhausen goes to put the kneepad on, Chuck O’Neil hits the ring to choke out Danhausen and steal the knee pad. Dickinson and Sanchez are out to run him off....but Chuck got the prize he came for...

And I appear to have gotten some free teeth out of this match. 

Main Event: “Meat Man” John Silver vs Christian Casanova (w/ Cam Zagami & Ken Doane)

This looks awesome on paper as we ring the bell at 10pm. Club Cam tries to get involved but a Ref Quinn throws them right out of the room. Technical chess match as they battle for position. This degrades into a slugfest until Casanova is able to utilize some of his flashier offense to keep the meat man down. Silver pops through with a big German and starts to lay in those thudding chest kicks. Casanova dodges and hits a running knee for a near fall. He tries to wear down Silver with a front choke but John chops his way free. Silver goes up but Casanova with the springboard hangman’s legdrop. He goes for some chest kicks on Silver but the crowd lets him know they’re “WEAK”. Silver pops up and turns Casanova inside out with a lariat for a two count. Three more chest kicks from Silver but Casanova reverses. Silver with a running kick and two more. Big suplex turns into a reversed cutter for a Casanova two count. Casanova goes for the scissor kick, Silver dodges, lawn dart to the turnbuckle, running kick and a brain buster for a close call. Springboard cutter but Silver lariats him out of the air. Silver hits a spinout powerbomb but Casanova barely makes the kick out. Silver with a double stomp to the apron but Casanova picks him out of the air with a codebreaker. Scissor kick! Kick out! Spinout Bomb from the top by Silver! Kick out! Punt Kick from the Meat Man and he stacks Casanova up for the pin.

Winner: John Silver

Goddddddamn. Where this match started at 10pm, I thought the crowd was DONE and DEAD after the crazy Pazuzu match....but over 21 minutes, the crowd came back to life in a frenzy as this match kept picking up a seeming infinite amount of steam. Great work for everyone here to close out tonight’s episode.

Club Cam is out to wish Casanova a good job as the crowd states he doesn’t need them. Casanova heads to the back warily, as Club Cam is more known for stomping out the losers among them. A natural turn for Casanova tonight and next week should prove interesting.

And that’s it! I have no issue with these episodes going into overtime if it’s for a good reason, and tonight delivered that. Fantastic main event match that you should check out on IWTV. Whole show was solid with some good storyline works peppered throughout.

Matches announced for Next week: The Bird & The Bee vs Christian Casanova & Richard Holliday. Matt Makowski vs GARY JAY. Daniel Garcia vs John Silver. Pinkie Sanchez vs Chuck O’Neil. Alex Reynolds & VSK vs Nerder Death Kill. Mercedes Martinez vs Kris Statlander!!!! Sad to say, I won’t be in the room next week but will report back on the IWTV stream and let y’all know if Crockett and Bakabella are still as good on commentary as I remember. Until next time!



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