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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-07 11:26:00

Current AEW Producer and former ECW and ROH Champion Jerry Lynn announced he would be missing this weekend's Starrcast and the AEW PPV due to some health issues that has come up, stemming from all the punishment he has put his body through over the three decades of his in-ring career.    Lynn is slated for an MRI today and hopes to have results by Tuesday to pinpoint and treat the problem.

Former WWE and ECW star Francine underwent surgery this morning to undergo an abdominal reconstruction as well as a hernia repair.  This is the third such surgery the "Queen of Extreme" has undergone with doctors placing mesh to secure her stitching, which came underdone prematurely after the first two surgeries.  Francine has already gone through the surgery and is resting and waiting to return home.

Everyone at wishes Lynn and Francine nothing but the best and a quick, painless recovery.

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