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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-07 10:47:00

WWE sources have reached out to state that our report last night that Stephanie McMahon's memoir would finally be published this August would be incorrect. was told last week by a source in the publishing world that the book was slated for next summer.  This week, Amazon released pre-order information for the book that fit with what had been told, which can be seen here.  

WWE sources this morning state to that the McMahon book is not coming out in August 2020 and that the relationship with Regan Arts, which was to publish the book, is not longer active.

So, if you have been waiting to read the book, unfortunately, the wait continues.  While I have explained our sourcing of the story, I apologize for any confusion.


ORIGINAL STORY - published 1:13 AM, 11/7/19

Stephanie McMahon's memoir, at one point scheduled to be released in September 2016, will finally be published in August 2020, has confirmed.

The book will be titled UNREAL: Inside the Crazy, Fun Show Business World of WWE and will be released by Regan Arts Publishing.

McMahon had been working on the book several years ago before pulling it from its original publishing date, commenting on social media in 2017, "My book is officially on hold. There are too many stories that need to be told before mine. One day, I promise!"

That day will be next summer.


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