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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-06 11:12:00

In an exclusive interview for PWInsider Elite subscribers, WWE NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler sits down to discuss the crazy last few days for the NXT brand, takes us through her experience learning and then getting to Smackdown on Friday, her sit-down with Becky Lynch and what her vision of it was before they filmed it, getting into the ring with Bayley, her Survivor Series Triple-Threat match, what all this means for the NXT brand, whether there are other Raw and Smackdownt talents she wants to get in the ring with, whether the milestone moment she just had the last few days has hit her yet, wanting to bring a big fight story feel to Survivor Series, whether she expects Raw and Smackdown talents on NXT, Wargames and more! Available now for subscribers.

Tickets for WWE's annual 12/26 traditional show at Madison Square Garden go on sale this Friday.  It will be a Raw live event.

Anto sent word that when WWE returns to Montreal this December on 12/29, for the first time since the Bell Cebnter opened in 1996, WWE isn't going there and is instead running the smaller Place Bell in Laval, just north of Montreal    Cirque du Solieil is running the Bell Center that date, so it's likely just a one time change.

WWE will return to the Staples Center on 12/30 in Los Angeles.

The incomprable Paul Jordan sent the following:

WWE are now selling a Bret Hart "Signature Series" championship for $499.99.  They released a similar style belt in honor of The Undertaker a few weeks ago.

Kyle O'Reilly tweeted:

Ringside Fest 2019 - Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Ricochet, Nikki Cross... and Sam Roberts


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