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By Anthony Pires on 2019-11-05 21:09:00

Tony Schiavone welcomes us from the studio.  He welcomes Dasha Gonzalez as his new co-host on Dark.  We run down tonights action and then go to the arena

Shawn Spears vs. Michael Nakazawa

The Chairman makes his sitting down on the chair appearance and is joined by his manager Tully Blanchard.  Your announcers are Excalibur and MJF.  MJF is not happy with Spears at all dating back to his chair attack on Cody some time back.  Charleston, WV is behind Nakazawa.  Collar and elbow, Spears gives a clean break.  Arm twist by Spears, reversed by Nakazawa, Spears spins out and hits a flying mare.  Spears with a waist lock, Nakazawa pulls out baby oil and pours it on his body, wiggling out of the waistlock.  Spears with a punch, kick and chop.  As Spears charges the corner, Nakazawa sprays the canvas with bay oil and Spears slips and slides all about.  Nakazawa hits a slipping senton.  Blanchard slips and falls on the oil from the outside.  Spears slams Nakzawa on the apron and goes to work with forearms to the back.  Stomp to the neck by Spears.  Spears mocks his opponent and hits a chop, followed by another.  Spears with a half Boston Crab, Nakazawa reaches the ropes.  Spears with chops.  Nakazawa fires back with forearms, Spears goes down.  Small package by Nakazawa for 2.  Nakazawa with a Samoan drop and....pulls off his underwear.  Nakazawa goes to clothesline Spears with the underwear wrapped around his arm.  Spears meets him with a boot and into a slingshot brainbuster for the pin.

WINNER: Shawn Spears

Dasha and Tony are back in the studio to talk about the women's tag team match to follow.

Big Swole & Mercedes Martinez vs. Allie & Sadie Gibbs

MJF insults Gibbs' British teeth as she comes to the ring.  Swole and Gibbs start off.  Arm twist by Swole, reversed by Gibbs.  The two reverse hammerlocks on each other.  Headlock by Gibbs.  Neither woman budges on two shoulderblocks until Gibbs finally takes her down on the 3rd.  Sadie with a powerslam for 2, broken up by Martinez.  Martinez tags in and hits uppercuts on Gibbs.  Dropkick by Mercedes by Allie tagged in.  Dropkick by Allie into a senton for 2. Gibbs back in and hits a splash for 2.  Martinez mosses a charge into the corner and Gibbs nails a head scissors.  Martinez rolls out and scores a takedown and a curb stomp.  Pin attempt broken up by Allie.  Swole back in and has a waistlock on Allie, who reverses into a Russian Leg sweep for 2.  SWole with a pump kick for 2.  Double suplex by Swole and Martinez.  Stalling vertical suplex by Martinez for 2, saved by Gibbs. Allie reverses a fisherman suplex into a small package for 2.  Running elbowstrikes by Allie, Martinez counters with a running knee strike.  Each woman tags out and Gibbs his power moves on both.  Martinez hits a backdrop suplex and Allie with a spear.  Allie hits a running elbow.  Cannonball by Martinez to the ourside on both Allie and Swole.  Gibbs dives on all 3.  Back in the ring, Gibbs his a Michinoku Driver on Swole for 2.  All four in the ring, Gibbs goes for a monsault but its broken up.  SWole sets up a stomp but Allie makes the save and hits an armdrag on Martinez, who was on the second rope.  While Swole is down, Gibbs hit a moonsault for the pin.

WINNERS: Allie and Sadie Gibbs.

We get comments from Dr. Britt Baker, who talks about Bea Priestly and the injuries she has sustained at the hands of Priestly.  It is made official that at the Buy In (preshow for Full Gear) Bea Priestly will take on Dr. Britt Baker.

Tony and Dasha run down the Full Gear card and take a look at what happened at the Cody vs Chris Jericho contract signing.

We get this week's "From Undesirable to Undeniable" with Jimmy Havoc.  Havoc talks about his fatherless childhood.  He knows what a divisive figure he is.  Havoc flips off the camera to those who ever doubted him.

Tony and Dasha send us to the ring for our main event:

The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt) vs. Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela 

Jungle Boy starts off with Havoc.  Lock up into the corner, clean break by Havoc.  Arm twist by Havoc, reversed by JB.  Havoc makes the ropes.  Headlock by Havoc, Jungle Boy escapes.  Arm twist by Jungle Boy, reversed by Havoc.  Jungle Boy flips out of it but is met with a hard right punch by Havoc.  Havoc bites Jungle Boy's arm, Janela tags in.  Jungle Boy grabs a headlock and tags in stunt, who hits an axehandle off the tops and poses for the crowd.  Arm twist by Stunt has no effect of Janela.  Stunt stomps the foot and tags JB back in. Janela tags Havoc back in.  Havoc connects with an elbow, countered by an dropkick by JB, Stunt tags back in and hits a dropkick.  JB back in and hits a single leg dropkick.  JB with a hurancanrana on Havoc to the outside.  Stunt hits a tope suicida on Havoc while JB hits a moonsault on Janela.  JB gets Janela back in an hits an elbowdrop for 1.  Stunt back in and Janela grabs a cravate.  Suplex by Janela, Stunt to the outsode.  Havoc throws Stunt into the barricade.  Havoc tags in, bites Stunts ear.  Havoc mocks Stunts inability to tag out. Stunt fights out of the corner and rolls through to a tag out.  Clothesline and arm drag.  JB now bites Havoc on the hand.  Running knee strike by Jungle Boy on to Havoc.  Flipping knee drop by Jungle Boy on Havoc for 2.  Jungle Boy in control with chops.  Janela distracts Jungle Boy and Havoc nails him with a right hand and tags Janela back in.  JB with a reverse atomic drop.  Stunt comes in and he and JB hit double stomps.  Jungle Boy power bombs Stunt onto Janela for 2.  Stunt with attempted save but Havoc hits a tiger driver on Stunt.  Havoc misses an Acid Rainmaker on Jungle Boy.  Stunt jumps off the ropes and Havoc catches him with a Michinoku Driver for 2, not sure when the tag was made.  Janela comes in and hits an Avalanche Package Piledriver on Stunt for the pin.

WINNERS: Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela

Havoc and Janela are not getting along, arguing and pointing at each other.  Havoc leaves with his staple gun.

Backstage (time has passed), Tully Blanchard confronts a smoking Joey Janela.  Spears attacks Janela from behind and puts the cigarette out, either in Janela's mouth or on his face, the camera pulled away.

Tony and Dasha thank us for watching

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