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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-06 10:00:00

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Hi, my question is AEW related, (I know you are getting loads at the moment). Before they started Cody said you won't see the same wrestlers every week. 4 episodes in and most of the people that have been on have had 2 or 3 episodes each. Thoughts?

I think in a perfect world that is what AEW would like to do.  I think what they are finding out is that in reality, with ratings dropping since week one, they probably won’t have the luxury of doing that, at least not now when they are trying to establish the product.

Both NXT and AEW got hammered by the World Series last week.  Do they need to bounce back with this week’s show?

Since both are owned by billionaires, need is probably not the right word but I think it’s fair to say that if both shows don’t see an increase over last week’s lows, it’s time to start being concerned about them long term. Both shows have seen significant erosion since their debuts.  I hope both bounce back this week.

With Mania season around the corner, do you think WWE will put some actual thought into giving next year's Wrestlemania a reasonable runtime? This year's Mania was atrociously long and you'd think that the overwhelming criticism about it would have been a teachable moment for WWE.

Really, you think Vince listens to and reacts to criticism from the fan base?  Come on man, he doesn’t!  Seriously, I don’t think anything other than him making the decision to shorten the show will make him do it.  He loves having a “Wrestling Day”, like the NFL has their Super Bowl day.

WWE says that Jordan Myles originally approved the design for his controversial T-shirt, but I don't believe for a second that Myles, or any African American man for that matter, would think such a design is ok after taking one look at it.  So, who is lying here, and if it is WWE, how would you have worded their statement differently regarding the matter?

I don’t think WWE would make the claim if they didn’t have a trail to back it up.  I certainly don’t think there was any malice intended by WWE.  If I am just looking at it from the outside I would think that even if Myles had a point, the way he reacted was completely out of line.  

Dave made a comment in the HIAC tip sheet about Cain Velasquez being out of shape and Brock Lesnar acting like a coward for being scared of him.  Those who have followed Cain and Brock's history in the UFC know that Cain beat Brock in a very convincing and dominating fashion for the UFC heavyweight championship, and thus it is understandable why Brock would be afraid.  We also know that Cain's conditioning is second to none for a heavyweight fighter, even though his body type does not resemble the typical WWE heavyweight.  But most WWE fans do not know their history and may not even know who Cain is.  Do you think they need to do a video package or a detailed promo explaining Cain's backstory and his significance to Brock's career?  A point I think they should focus on in particular is that it was Cain who gave Brock the scar he has on his face.

I think WWE made a big mistake in thinking all of us knew who Cain was when he came out.  He should have been put over much more by the announcers to let us know that he was a bad man.  Instead I think a lot of the people were like who is this guy and why is Brock so afraid?

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