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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-04 10:00:00

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At this point what is the difference between Tony Khan and Dixie Carter?  Do you think Khan will learn from Carter’s mistakes?

Male/Female for one.  But I am guessing you mean as wrestling company owners.  At this point in time I would say that the difference is in duration of their product.  AEW is in its infancy and say what you want about Carter but she kept Impact going for many years.  I don’t know that Khan will study Carter.  She came into wrestling as an outsider.  He came in as a hardcore fan so I believe that in his mine, he already “knows what he is doing”.  So we will if it plays out that way in the long run.  I hope he can make it a big success.

If WWE hired you to fix what is wrong with the product, what would you do?

First, as long as everything ran through Vince McMahon, I wouldn't take the job.  It would just frustrate me too much to work under him since I know I could never truly do what I would think is my best work.  I wouldn’t be able to see if my vision was the right one since he controls the major parts of the product.  He has his way, and he made all the money, so he has that right.  And, it's not like he doesn't have really talented people working there.  He does. But he has the final say.  The advice I would give if asked is to allow people to be cool again. Make characters that fans would want to be like or hang out with.  Right now, there is a sameness to most of the talents and this is a business that thrives when there is a lot of uniqueness.

Just when I dared to hope that WWE would realise they booked Brock Lesnar to be far too dominant and wouldn’t do anything similar, now we have the Fiend, Bray Wyatt.  He was stomped into the mat and stage a dozen times then electrocuted... but just stood up from the wreckage and beat Seth Rollins for the Universal Title.  WWE has booked themselves into a corner; after all that how could it possibly be realistic that anyone ever beats Wyatt?

I addressed this a bit yesterday but you are right.  Now, it will take almost an act of God to beat Bray, or something really ridiculous.  We shall see how it shakes out.

Was there any good reason why HIAC was booked on the fly? I can't recall the last time a three-hour PPV had only four announced matches 24 hours before airtime.

I hate to sound flip, but all I can say is that’s just how they do it sometimes over at WWE.

Was Kofi losing in 6 seconds the plan all along or were they short on time?

They talked about different ways to do it during the day and decided on that.  It was what they chose to do.  I hated it, for the record.  Kofi deserved so much better.  He should have been given some offense.  Instead they just destroyed him.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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