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By Mike Johnson on 2019-11-02 10:00:00

I'm going through old videotapes and I came across the Learning the Ropes TV series starring Lyle Alzado.  I am wondering if you knew who did the wrestling scenes on the show and whether Alzado did them himself?

I believe the late Dr. Death Steve Williams did the wrestling scenes for Alzado.  

Note: Since posting this, we were also told The Italian Stallion also filmed scenes as the "Masked Maniac" for Alzado.  Thanks to Matthew Valentine!

What the current relationship status between Impact Wrestling and Universal Studios Florida? Has it dissolved now that Impact is on the road? Can they ever go back there if possible?

There is no current relationship and no current plans to return.  If they wanted to and paid for the rental, they could certainly go back if the soundstage was available.

I was watching the Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD, and there is a segment with Terry Funk and Austin on Shotgun Saturday night from 1997.  The venue looked like more or less a bar with a smaller ring than usual and I was surprised to see WWF/E running in a venue like this even in '97.  Was this typical of Shotgun Saturday Night?  Or do you know if in this instance it was just kind of a promotional thing since, by the sounds of the commentary team, the Royal Rumble was the next night and they were playing a smaller venue in the same city?

The original Shotgun Saturday Night concept featured WWF running a syndicated live series from small, intimate clubs and venues in the New York City area.  The concept lasted about two months before WWE abandoned it for matches taped prior to Raw broadcasts.  In the midst of the club concept, WWF was in San Antonio, Texas the night before a Royal Rumble PPV, so they ran a small country western bar.

Whatever happened to Sarah Stock?

She works as a producer for WWE.

I was wondering about wrestling conventions.  How do the talents get paid?  Is it by signature?  Is it a flat fee?

It depends on the situation.  Most headline talents get paid a flat fee (we'll say X) and the promoters have to make their money back by selling autograph and photo opps.  Some talents will do a split with promoters where they come in on their own and split the money they make with the promoter.   It depends on the situation.  Usually if a talent is part of an overall VIP or Superticket, they are working directly for the promoter.  If they are at a vendor table, they are working for that vendor or doing a split with them.



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