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By Dave Scherer on 2019-10-27 10:00:00

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What if hypothetically for just this year Vince had let the draft be legit, let Fox and USA decide who really is on their own shows. In your opinion could that have worked and is there a part of you that would've like to see them be pushed in creative for a change? Personally  I think it would have driven up interest from fans maybe made a rivalry amongst the shows and channels themselves.

Would I like a change in creative?  Yes!  I would love to see WWE booked more like NXT, where there are top talents (more than one or two), ascending talents etc.  If the networks had made the picks, it would have been a lot different as they would have shown the world who they think the most over acts.  I think in the long run, that wouldn’t have been a good thing.  WWE made some head scratching picks, but the positive in that is it didn’t prove that our assumed pecking order was in fact legitimate.  We know it is, but we didn’t need to see it proven.

With Xavier Woods seemingly out of action for a year, how do you think this will impact the New Day? Woods is so integral to the group's dynamic, and with the anti-climactic nature of Kofi's title run ending, do you think a breakup is inevitable? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the New Day and I'm amazed how they've managed to stay over for five years, but does this seem like a logical end for the stable?

I don’t think they have to do that.  Big E and Kofi could be a tag team again and Xavier could return as a mouthpiece long before he is able to wrestle.  WWE doesn’t have that many over acts.  I would not break up one of the few that they have.

If you could choose one or two moments in wrestling history that you wished you were present to witness, what would they be?

I am not big on needed to be there in person so this isn’t the kind of question that resonates with me.

I saw that Sami Zayn has a shirt available on Pro Wrestling Tees. I didn't know WWE-contracted guys could do that. Does this apply to all WWE talent when it comes to releasing merch outside of the company?

No, but since this is for a charity they made an exception.

Did you hear about the XFL player who quit because the pay was so low?  What do you think about that?

I understand completely.  Football is a hard, hard game and let’s be honest, very few, if anyone, will go from the XFL to the NFL.  So if it’s me, playing a violent game like football for less than 30 grand a year is not something I would do either.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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