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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-26 10:00:00

This might be old hat for most but I don't specifically remember.  On the first One Night Stand PPV, what exactly was the heat between JBL and Blue Meanie that left Meanie getting busted open the hard way

Meanie had been really outspoken about JBL being a bully in the WWE locker room during Meanie's first run there.  When Meanie was booked for the One Night Stand PPV, JBL used the brawl to jump Meanie and beat him bloody.  Backstage, he tried to go after him again, screaming about Meanie making comments on the Internet and tried to tell others Meanie tried to "shoot on him" because you know, Meanie looks and acts like such a MMA fighter and all.  They've all since made up but JBL was totally in the wrong.

Is it true WWE isn't doing original documentaries for DVD anymore?

That is the word we've heard, that they will focus that material as WWE Network exclusives.

Have you ever heard of any concern from WWE about the old material of Cena using the OK sign given that it's been perverted into a white supremacy symbol?

I have not, but if I was WWE, I'd scrub any old publicity material just to be safe.  I'd be shocked if they hadn't already, because their legal department is obviously, top notch.  They aren't going to let something that was innocent at the time be corrupted.

Whatever happened to Terry Gibbs?

The last we heard, the journeyman star was living in Pittsburgh and working for an airline there.

What was the first show you ever attended?

December 26, 1986 WWF at Madison Square Garden, headlined by Hulk Hogan vs. Kamala.  

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