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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-25 10:00:00

I know you wrote a few months ago about Todd Pettingill's radio station in NYC shutting down, but I was wondering why WWE wouldn't have brought him back in some fashion, especially since he's local?  It seems to be a really easy fit especially with things like The Bump that are on the lighter side.  Is there heat?  Is he on another station?

There's no heat, but part of the reason may be that Pettingill isn't really local to Stamford, CT.  Pettingill moved to Texas a few years ago in order to be closer to his daughter and her family.   He is not on another station but has launched, a subscription site where he does a radio show on every week day.  I actually subscribe to the site and it's a fun show for those of us who miss the good old days of WPLJ.

So, WWE had a special championship belt made for Andre the Giant, so they had to have been considering he would win at Wrestlemania 3.  What would have happened if he had?

I've never heard that there was any serious consideration to Andre winning the title, but my guess is that had they put him over, Hogan would have won the belt back when they had a rematch.

As a kid, I remember there being an Asian WWF announcer who used to make me laugh.  I can't remember his name - I was like 5 at the time, but was wondering if you could shed some light on him?

I believe you are referring to Charlie Minn, an actor and broadcast newscaster who was hired for a few years.  I know that after his WWF run, he was doing a lot of acting in the NYC area and he worked in Ohio as a news broadcaster but I am not 100% sure what he may be up to today.

I really enjoyed the hell out of the Private Party vs. Lucha Brothers match on AEW.  It's the second match with Party I've really enjoyed.  Where were these guys hiding?

They weren't hiding anywhere.  I've been writing about their work on the NYC independent scene for some time.  They were trained at the House of Glory school in Brooklyn by The Amazing Red and Brian XL.    I really enjoy their work but think in a few years, they will be even greater with seasoning.  

Where does the NWA produce their shows?  Is it the old Crockett studio?

No, it's not Techwood Drive but they are certainly trying to get you to experience that vibe.  They are actually taping down the road from there as Georgia Public Studios.


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