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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-24 10:01:00

Given that AEW gives more freedom to talents, do they still have matches that are produced the way WWE produces theirs?

Yes.  I can't say they walk through everything the way WWE does, but there are Producers (AEW calls them Coaches internally) who work on every match with the talents involved.

I saw that AEW is calling the Gorilla position the Dusty position.  Is it me or is it disrespectful to Gorilla Monsoon's memory?

No, I think that feeling that way is being silly.  In TV production, usually anywhere you are waiting to appear on camera is the "Go Position."  WWE named it the Gorilla position out of respect for Gorilla Monsoon because he was usually the one giving cues there for someone to head out.  AEW has every right to list it as anything they want.  I can never, ever, ever, ever look down on someone paying disrespect to the memory of Dusty Rhodes, especially a company that features three of his family members.

How did Lio Rush get out of purgatory and end up in NXT?

We reported months ago he was going to be shifted to NXT after his issues on the main roster.  That never changed.  He served his time out and is now getting a good push and has been great.

I was wondering, on average, how often you get angry emails or calls from someone in pro wrestling?  Have you ever been threatened?

It varies and usually it's someone who isn't happy with how their match was written about.  Very rarely do we hear from a promotion about news we have broken, because 99 % of the time, what we report is correct, so it's hard to be mad at something that is true.  On the rare occasion an error is made, we get in front of it, which is the right thing to do.  I can only remember being threatened by one wrestler and by the end of the ten phone call, he had changed his tune into, "Help me get over, brother", which isn't rare from someone who worked in the 80s.  That was over ten years ago.

Whatever happened to Nailz?

We are told he lives in Minnesota and has turned down overtures to returns to pro wrestling for signings.

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