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By Dave Scherer on 2019-10-22 10:00:00

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I saw Chris Jericho is "laughing" at people think that Marko Stunt was too small to get in the kind of offense that he did against The Lucha Brothers.  He then compared him to Rey Mysterio.  I am sorry, to quote Jericho I think he is a stupid idiot.  For one thing Stunt is no Rey Mysterio and when Rey worked in WCW he already had a big body of work behind him.  More than that though the Lucha Brothers are one of the top tag teams in AEW and seeing Stunt get in so much offense was unbelievable.  So am I wrong to laugh at Jericho for not realizing that professional wrestling is supposed to be believable and seeing Stunt do what he did wasn't believable?

First no, I don't think you are wrong.  I know what Jericho was trying to do, support a guy that works for them.  I can appreciate that and I do think that Stunt should have a role in AEW.  But I can't say that your point isn't valid, it's very valid.  Stunt is tiny and should not have gotten as much offense in as he did.  He should have gotten a few hope spots but should not have been booked on the same level in my opinion.  But one thing I have noticed about AEW is that at least some of their fans care more about the perfomance than the realism of a match.  That isn't a criticism, just an observation.  

I'm just looking for your opinion. I saw Punishment Martinez walking down the ramp just before the end of his ROH run. Suddenly I could envision an Undertaker type character.  Now that he's in NXT, could you see him being given a somewhat similar, but not identical persona? Could you even see Taker giving him a rub to help get him over?  I'm that high on the guy, and he's only gotten better in NXT. 

I love Damien Priest.  His match with Pete Dunne on NXT last week was fantastic.  I don’t think he needs to try and be like someone else, he’s really good on his own.  I think if WWE tried to make him the new Undertaker it would work against him.  I say just let him be him and go from there.

The idea of the Hell in a Cell has lost some of its meaning. What do you think about the idea of before the next Hell in a Cell for Triple H to come out and cut an impassioned promo about how debts were paid here, feuds were settled here, careers were ended here, lives forever changed here and legends created here. Just going all out to tell the fans that he believes in what the HIAC means and that he's promising the fans that it wont be forgotten.  Kind of reestablished that asking for the HIAC means putting it all on the line, not just a match anyone should want. Then make the HIAC kind of an unsanctioned match that happens on rare occasions. Be a spectacle again.

The first thing they need to do is kill the PPV and not bring the cell out for a year or two.  At that point, yes I like your idea if it’s done for a feud that has gotten so out of control they need to bring it back.  Right now, it’s just another match which is amazing to me.  They have taken something that used to be a spectacle and turned it into something that just doesn’t mean all that much anymore.

As I was watching NWA Powerrr, it got me wondering.  When they are wrestling and hitting the mat, there is a very distinctive sound being made.  I remember the same sound when I would watch the TBS 6:05 wrestling.  My question is what is making that sound and why do you not hear it on other shows?

I haven’t checked their ring but it’s usually a product of how the ring is set up and mic’d.  Different people do it in different ways.

Is it just me or did WWE just completely ruin this draft.  I didn’t need to see the fake USA and FOX boardrooms hopping up and down like they won the lottery after a pick.  It was just terrible to watch and pretty predictable.  Very few talents switch brands and most stayed right where they were in the first place.  Also, having Stephanie (When did she become chief brand officer?) coming out to announce every round, ugh.  I love WWE , but, watching their shows is becoming harder than taking medicine.  But, enough of my ranting.  What did you think of the “Draft”?

The draft itself was pretty underwhelming to me but I have to say, I loved that they had the execs making the picks.  Without authority figures (which I love by the way), they did a good job of explaining how the picks were made.

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