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By Dave Scherer on 2019-10-20 10:00:00

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What are the circumstances that led to Eric Bischoff's termination from WWE just 4 months into his run as head of Smackdown, and just 2 shows into the Smackdown on FOX era?

WWE decided that they wanted to move on.  There are a lot of stories making the rounds but until we can confirm them, we won’t throw them out there irresponsibly.  At the end of the day, Vince McMahon decided to make the change to Bruce Prichard.

We saw some major officiating blunders during two tag matches on Dynamite this week, specifically regarding the referee allowing some obviously illegal tags.  What do you think AEW should do to address this?  Or should they just ignore it, pretend it didn't happen and take steps internally to ensure things like this don't happen again?  It's hard for the viewer to follow along with these mistakes, and even harder to listen to the announcers try to cover it up.

They need to tighten them up, for sure.  What makes matters worse is one of the tenets of AEW that they talked about a lot was that “rules matter”.  However, on all three episodes we have seen examples of rules being broken and nothing being done about it.  Cody even addressed it after what happened in the main event of week one.  The bottom line is it makes the announcers look bad to have to cover up those things.  Plus, it also makes fans wonder what is going on.  It’s still early for them obviously but this is a glaring problem that needs to be fixed.

Is AEW ever going to have a clean finish in the main event of their TV show?

I think it has to happen at some point right?  Right?

With Eric Bischoff’s departure and a big ratings drop from week 1 to 2 on FOX, do you see Vince Russo being part of WWE and in particular Friday nights in the future?

God no.  Let’s say you went to a doctor and he caused a complication during a surgery.  You wouldn’t go to a butcher to fix the mistake.  That would be what it would be like to bring Russo in.  They need to try fix the problem of audience loss, not make it worse.

Bearing in mind the success of the ‘roll up’ in 24/7 matches why has no wrestler taken this as their full time finisher? 

A lot of reasons.  One, it’s a weak thing to use as your full time finisher, thus easy to counter.  Two, the people going after the 24-7 Title are opening match guys.  There’s no reason anyone further up the card would want to be like them.

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