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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-18 10:00:00

I didn't know what I was missing until I started watching Powerrr! I've become a genuine fan of the NWA style, not just in a "sideshow" way, but in that I actually actually look forward to watching their show each week. I was curious about the WWE employee tweets the show featured at the beginning. What's the rationale behind Graves and Walter being allowed to promote a rival organization? I can't see WWE wrestlers having enough freedom to be able to do that, so is that a sign that WWE allows them to do this to appear "open minded" and pro-wrestling friendly (as opposed to "sports entertainment" friendly)?

They weren't allowed, as they gives inference to the idea WWE gave them permission to do it.  They just did it on their own and the NWA was smart enough to take advantage of it to promote themselves.  WWE has given talents some leeway on social media and as long as they remains, we'll see tweets like the ones you referenced.

Does the STARDOM sale to New Japan's parent company change any chance of their talents coming back to Ring of Honor?

We are told no change and you may seem some STARDOM talents later in the year.

AEW's rating has slipped every week.  Is there reason for concern?

This past Wednesday's rating put them fifth for the night in all of cable television, even beating things like South Park and some FOX News programming, including Sean Hannity.   No one wants to see the number dropping but if they remain high for the evening and even more important, maintain the high 18-34 male demographic, they should be fine.  We are tod Warnermedia is thus far, very, very happy with the numbers.

How is that no one has stolen the Baby Shark song deal as a gimmick for pro wrestling?

I don't know how it hasn't given Shark Boy a new lease on life!  It really should!

Any word on the severity of Luchasaurus' injury?

The word is he tore a hamstring.  No word on the severity of the tear as of this writing.

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