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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-17 01:04:00

Last night's AEW Philadelphia taping ended with Cody cutting a promo putting over the fan with the giant cut-out Ted Turner head before putting over a young fan dressed as Orange Cassidy.    They brought the fan in the ring and called for a referee.  Rick Knox ran out and MJF demanded that Cody cover the fan, but instead the fan "pinned" Cody and got a big pop.  An upset MJF chased Knox out of the ring.  Nick Jackson asked if that was going to count on Cody's win/loss record.  Cody then joked the fan was challenging Chris Jericho in Baltimore at Full Gear.  Cody thanked everyone who worked behind the scenes on the show, including Atlas Security, who got a big pop.  He pointed out Dr. Michael Sampson, who saved Jerry Lawler's life and then put over Taz, which got a big "ECW" chant.  He said they would obviously be returning to Philadelphia and thanked the fans for allowing them to have the chance to show what they believe pro wrestling should be and for him and the rest of the Elite to do it together.  Thanks to Brandon Taylor.

Cody worked the show last night despite being sick with a 102 degree fever the night before.  He was given the option of not performing but refused to stay out of the ring.

Santana and Ortiz vs. The Young Bucks is set for the 11/9 Full Gear PPV.

There's no word yet how long Luchasaurus will be out of action.  The word backstage at the taping was he had torn it, which if that is confirmed to be the case, could mean he's out for several months.

PAC cut his fingers while picking up and throwing the barbed wire bat out of the ring during his tag match with Jon Moxley against Adam Page and Kenny Omega last night.

Backstage at the taping in Philadelphia were CHIKARA founder Mike Quackenbush, Tommy Dreamer, JT Dunn, Austin Gunn, former WWE NXT star Bull James (fka Dempsey), David Starr and Mike Verna.

MLW Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart, accompanied by two cats, was also at the taping.

Former ECW World Champion Mikey Whipwreck was in the house.  With Tommy Dreamer there, Jerry Lynn working as a Producer and Taz commentating for AEW Dark, there were four former ECW World Champions at the taping.

Former CZW star Nick Mondo was also at the taping as he was the talented director and producer behind all of Jon Moxley's post-WWE videos.  The pair visited the 2300 Arena on Tuesday as well.  Speaking of the Arena, its owner Roger Artigiani was in attendance with his family.

Jon Moxley received a huge "CZW" chant at one point during the taping and had to hide a smile.

Taz tweeted out the following video of the response he received in Philadelphia:

Matches set for this Tuesday's episode of AEW Dark:

*Taz debuts as guest commentator.

*Cody & Dustin Rhodes & The Young Bucks (with MJF and Brandi) vs. CIMA & T-Hawk & Private Party.

*Nyla Rose vs. The Librarian Leva Bates.

*Joey Janela vs. Brandon Cutler.

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