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By Dave Scherer on 2019-10-14 10:00:00

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I am really enjoying the NWA's show on youtube. Which is also going to be followed by AEW Dark. My question(s) to you is as a long time writer(s) covering wrestling. How excited are you about the potential of wrestling right now? and of the schedule of shows to watch through out the week. Monday RAW, Tuesday NWA/AEW, Wednesday NXT/AEW, Thursday Impact, and Friday Smackdown. Which day will you be watching and what day do you hope catches your attention the most?

I am very excited.  It’s a fun time to cover the business.  I pretty much watch every show as it airs.  I don’t like to fall behind!  Right now NXT is still my favorite show of the week, followed by NXT UK.  I did like the first NWA show though.

So... I know last night wasn’t good, but can you ever remember a RAW the day after a PPV where there was ZERO mention of any kind at all of the results of a championship main event in the first hour? So are they going with “ignore the elephant in the room” as the strategy? 

They did address it on Friday but yeah, I hear ya.  Then again, the finish was so bad I don’t know what they would have said about it had they addressed it!  It was a lost couple of days for WWE creative.

Also: so I understand that we’re in the “no authority figures” era, and that’s fine, but doesn’t there need to be some explanation of who’s making the “picks” in the draft or how this is happening? Because didn’t they learn the whole “people just randomly switching shows because we say so” thing just really sucked last time from the standpoint of “so... what’s the logical basis for this?”?

You sent this before the draft and they did explain it on Smackdown.  It was a good way to do it.

What does Vince NOT see in EC3?

Clearly he doesn’t see someone worth pushing.  Why?  I have no idea.  EC3 is really talented.  I have no idea why Vince doesn’t use him.  I hope he gets to go back to NXT, where HHH knows how to get the most out of talents.

With the recent “chronicle “ with Goldberg, they showed the Matt Riddle confrontation. I felt Goldberg came off like a veteran bully. Do you think he was right to confront Riddle? Was it wrong for Riddle to speak out? If so, was there any WWE repercussions?

Riddle started it by saying things about Goldberg on social media in June so I don’t see how he comes across as the bully.  If someone said you sucked how would you feel when you met up with them?  I watched the clip and Goldberg was fine in my opinion.  Riddle was too, he said he voiced his opinion and he didn’t duck the guy he said sucked when they came face to face.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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