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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-12 10:00:00

I saw Kurt Angle is getting stem cell therapy.  What are the odds he goes back to the indies after that to compete?

Angle is signed to work for WWE as a Producer for the Raw brand, so I don't see him working independent dates beyond autograph signings.

I’m sure you recently heard celebrity rapper and business magnet, Percy ‘Master P’ Miller just purchased a ownership stake in indie promotion House Of Glory. Do you think this move will help Amazing Red and company, get new eyes on their product ? 

It can't hurt, can it?  HOG has been a great product for years but hasn't been able to get to the next level of attention.  If P wants to get involved and he can open doors for Brian XL and Red, I don't see how it can hurt.

Who the hell is EC3 and where did he come from?

TNA's EC3 is actually Michael Hutter, who broke in the business in the Cleveland area and worked for WWE for years as Derrick Bateman, most notably on NXT. He had a lot of bad luck and injuries that hampered his WWE run but remade himself during his run in Impact Wrestling.  When that run ended, WWE brought him back and he's now being criminally underutilized.

I've seen the Urban Wrestling Federation has been releasing DVDs, so is this thing back?

Not officially.  I've heard that reps for the promotion are still trying to pitch ideas for the concept to different urban-based TV provides but the longer it sits in stasis, the less of a chance it will return to form. So, as of right now, it's dead but if the right deal comes along, Steve Karel and crew will revive it immediately.  The DVD deal is a different situation in that they are trying to monetize the existing content.

Who's the one WWE wrestler who's never had an action figure you'd like to see happen?

Dick Murdoch, Adrian Adonis and Mr. T all come to mind.

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