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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-11 10:00:00

I saw your post about the SD and Raw draft pools. I noticed a few names on the roster that aren't in either pool. Granted the likes of The Ascension or The Colons nobody will miss but Naomi and The Usos aren't there.  Are things that bad right now with these talents?  I also noticed no Matt Hardy. Could these simply be oversights?

It's possible they were oversights, but it may just be they want to keep the talents out of sight while they have ongoing legalities to deal wth.  In the case of The Colons and The Ascension, they haven't been used regularly in some time, so it makes sense to keep them out of sight until there is an actual plan in place for them.

Is it true Sasha Banks was pulled from live events?

This weekend, yes.  We have heard she is dealing with a back issue.

While watching old episodes Nitro on the WWE Network I noticed that they don't edit out the Randy Savage Slim Jim commercials. Does money change hands for that? Do they still have a deal? Does Savage's estate get royalties?

No talent gets royalties from WWE Network footage.  My guess is they weren't edited out because it was a wrestling personality.  There's no money changing hands on old airing old commercials.

Will Finn Balor be paid less because he's now in NXT?

No.  He'll be paid based on the contract he signed with the company.  He has a downside guarantee and it's up to WWE to decide how to utilize him.

How long before CM Punk shows up on TV?

Someone would have to sign him first.

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