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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-10 10:00:00

What is the status of some of the AEW/MLW talent? Will Tony Schiavone still be announced weekly MLW Fusion? And is MJF allowed to be on MLW TV?

Here is how all of that is working.  MJF, as well as Jimmy Havoc, have existing MLW deals that allow them to appear elsewhere except for WWE and Impact TV.  That's how those deals were crafted at the time, because there was no AEW.  So, they can appear for AEW but should MLW run the same night (not likely), MLW would have the right to use them first.  In the case Tony Schiavone, he had an exclusive with MLW but they and AEW worked out an agreement for Schiavone to appear on AEW TV.  What will likely happen is that when those MLW deals expire, AEW will take those talents on exclusively and MLW will no longer use them.  MLW's newer contracts are exclusives that would prevent talents (Jacob Fatu for example) from appearing on AEW.

My credit card that I used for the WWE network was expiring and I went online to update it to a new card.  The website said that was unavailable and I had to call in during their hours.  Mostly after 2p, but on PPV days they're open so I called them.  After going through the gauntlet to get to the right department, they told me that they can not change the information either.  It seemed pretty scripted through the call, but she told me that they are  canceling their accounts and having them sign up again with the new credit card information.  I inquired a little because it seemed strange, but it came across as business as usual instead of something was temporarily broken in the process.  My paranoid side would think that this may be a way to artificially inflate their new membership numbers (obviously not total numbers).  If this is the case, wouldn't that be illegal?  If that's not the case, I do find it hard to believe that a billion dollar company would let an income stream to bottle neck for any more than a few hours.  If they are doing this to make their numbers look better, wouldn't it be a gamble that people wouldn't bother signing up again until Royal Rumble, etc. and that would mean x amount of months in lost revenue.  Not making accusations, I'm a lifelong fan since WM3, I just wanted to hear your thoughts on why this would happen.  Keep up the great work!

I cannot imagine any scenario where a subscription service would not allow you to cancel or update your information.  While it's possible this is a by-product of WWE moving their Network from MLBAM to Endeavor, my feeling is you spoke to someone who didn't know what they were talking about and I'd strongly advise you to call back.

What’s the story behind Dustin Rhodes new black & red half painted face and costume? I’m guessing it has something to do with golddust

It's an allusion to Goldust, but he can't use the name or design, so he came up with something different.

I am going to be in LA and want to attend a WOW taping.  Can you point me in the right direction?

Unfortunately, the series has filmed its entire second season.  There is no word when season three will be taped.

Any update on CM Punk and FOX/WWE?

Nothing yet.  We have not heard Punk has signed anything.  He's in the middle of promoting his horror film "Girl on the Third Floor."

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