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By Anthony Pires on 2019-10-09 19:54:00

Only the hard camera section and the mobile camera sections are tarped off. We have a capacity crowd of about 4,500 on hand. 

Every merchandise stand is 6 people deep

Justin Roberts comes out to warm up the crowd Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone come out to a huge reaction.  This crowd is ready to explode 

AEW Dark:  Peter Avalon the Librarian vs Kip Sabian vs Sonny Kiss

Cheap Red Sox and Bruins heat by the Librarians. Leva Bates is an attractive woman. Kiss got a huge babyface reaction. Crowd not into Sabian as much as I thought they’d be. Kiss and Sabian are super athletic. Avalon is there for comedy at first. Librarian starting to get involved a little. Avalon keeps trying for pins after Kiss and Sabian work each other over. Sabian with a torture rack and slam for the pin

Winner: Kip Sabian

Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega has been announced for after Dynamite goes off the air.


Side note: AEW needs to reign in the number of kickouts from big moves. It’s beginning to take 1st degree murder to get a win.

Private Party vs. Young Bucks is up first. Live crowd gets to the same video package that’s on tv. No one is sitting down. SCU got a nice reaction coming out to watch in the front row. Surprisingly big reactor for Private Party. Huge AEW chants. Thank god Corey is doing the play by play. Big reaction for bucks double teaming. Private Party works Boston into a frenzy. That powerbomb on the floor HAD to hurt. The power bomb/blockbuster by the YB was something I’ve never seen. This is awesome

Bucks doing a great job playing heel to the crowd. Crowd couldn’t believe he clean Private Party win. Excellent stunt show but I seriously worry about the company’s ability to keep this up in terms of desensitizing the audience.

Private Party exits through the crowd to a raucous ovation.

Jericho and crew come out to an absolute super star reaction. Jericho runs down the crowd. Jericho definitely not worried about getting a job someday in WWE running down creative. Inner Circle is a decent enough name. For a heel Jericho definitely got a huge reaction. 

Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havoc. Crowd is definitely coming down after the tag match and Jerichos appearance. Maybe the knowledge that neither of these guys will win next week is hurting it. Allin is definitely getting what little love and excitement there is right now. Again more big moves leading to kickouts.  Allin with the win but it seems anti climatic after these guys threw everything out these. Great effort but my fear is that AEW is going to burn out their audience. 

MJF t-shirts are sold out completely. During commercial Justin Roberts is doing the show your sign gimmick. From a live standpoint this has been fun so far.

Sakura and Priestley is up next against Baker and Riho. I know Britt is a dentist but the Open Wide catchphrase is a little unsettling. Unfortunately, a lot of the live crowd is headed for the concession stands. 

Personal note: it is difficult to take ones eyes off of Dr Baker

Riho and Baker are stars but there’s no reaction. Very nice belly to back by Priestley. The heel Sakura is trying to get a clap going for some reason. There was no need to kickout after Britts neckbreaker. Britt with the Rings of Saturn. I understand the need to make every match competitive but from a live standpoint, this didn’t need to be as long as it was. Pretty sloppy brawl at the end. 

Best Friends are out to little reaction. Mic is not working at all and they’re getting the WHAT reaction.  Abrupt ending. 

Time for Shawn Spears vs Jon Moxley. PAC is getting a nice reaction coming out to commentary. Crowd is alive for Tully who cuts an un-Tully like promo. SUPERSTAR reaction for Moxley. Really fun brawl so far. Tully definitely brings the star power to the act. The smart move here is for a Spears to not lose clean. Fun brawl so far but we’re entering a point where Moxley needs to put this away to look strong for Omega but Spears can I’ll afford the loss. Clean win by Moxley. Definitely need it heading into the PPV. Where does this leave Spears?  We forgot PAC was still out there. Given what’s gone down there should have been some physicality between Omega and Moxley.

Time for our main event: Dustin Rhodes and Hangman Page vs. Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho.

Babyfaces come out to a genuinely nice reaction. Nothing like the SuperStar reaction La Champion comes out to. Many in Boston seem to know the words to Judas. All 4 working hard but i cant help this feeling they Bucks vs. Party should have been in this spot. 

Guevara is the workhorse so far here. Jericho is getting a reaction to everything he does. Page’s lariat picked things up. Dustin should NOT be able to move like that for a guy his age and size. Bean town is alive for Dustin's comeback. Hager did a great job with interference Judas Effect and that’s all she wrote. 

Lights Out. Here Is Cody. Here’s rest of the inner circle. MJF to a MAJOR Pop with the save. Inner Circe in command. Young Bucks to make the save. We have to have a 10 man soon. 


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