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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-09 09:22:00

All Elite Wrestling presented their first episode of AEW Dark on YouTube on 10/8, featuring matches that were taped on 10/2 in Washington, DC.

The show was an entertaining hour presented by Tony Schiavone from AEW’s Atlanta, GA studio.

Darby Allin vs. CIMA

CIMA hit a double knee strike but Allin fights back with several armdrags, sending CIMA to the floor.    Allin nailed a big dive to the outside, then followed with a second and a third.  He goes to the top for a Coffin Drop but CIMA catches him and drives him down with a powerbomb.  CIMA ties up Allin and tries to force a submission but Allin makes it to the ropes.   Allin works over his knees but CIMA scores a tornado DDT fort a two count.  They battle back and forth.  Allin goes for the Coffin Drop again but CIMA meets him with his  knees.  CIMA nailed a lung blower and hit a springboard Meteora for a two count.  CIMA misses a second and is drilled with a Code Red for a two count.  Allin finally nails the Coffin Drop for the pin.

Your winner, Darby Allin!

A fun, athletic bout with a lot of good exchanges and a really hot crowd that made it even better.  This was the best thing on the show in my opinion.

Best Friends & Private Party with Orange Cassidy vs. Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix & Jack Evans & Angelico

Everyone brawls.  Fenix hits a big dive right off the bat.  Way too much going on to recap really.  Isaiah Kassidy gets worked over by Pentagon and Fenix.  Angelico and Evans tag in and continue the beating.   Trent (no longer listed as Beretta) breaks up a pinfall attempt.  Chucky and Trent begin dishing out tag team maneuvers but Evans attacks.  Chucky T sends him to the floor.  Everyone brawls all over.  Dives.  Even Cassidy hits a dive off the top, looking aloof about it, taking out everyone.  In the end, the Lucha Brothers take out Chucky T and score the pin.

Your winners, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix & Jack Evans & Angelico!

All action.  Frenzied action, but fun.

Back in the studio, Schiavone broke down the AEW Tag Team Championship and reviewed Riho winning the AEW Women’s Championship.

Bea Priestley & Penelope Ford vs. Allie and Britt Baker

Allie and Bea faced off to start.  Allie scored a two count with a neckbreaker.  Baker tagged in to get her hands on Priestley, playing off the concussion, but Bea backed off and tagged in Penelope Ford.  They battle back and forth.  Ford was worked over but nailed a nice Northern Lights suplex.  Baker tagged in Allie.  Priestley cut her off.  Ford and Bea stomped Allie down.  They tag in and out, working over Allie, who kept kicking up.

Allie fights for the tag and finally gets in.  Baker and Priestley finally meet in the center of the ring and brawl.  They battle back and forth until Allie spears Priestley and Baker locks on a Crossface for the submission.

Your winners, Allie and Britt Baker!

This was OK at best.  Not a strong follow-up to Riho vs. Rose on Dynamite but everyone worked hard.

Schiavone recapped the attack on the Elite that closed the debut episode of Dynamite.

SCU vs. Jurassic Express

Christopher Daniels controls Marko Stung early.  Kazarian and Jungle Boy tag in and go back and forth.  They built to Luchasaurus doing some powerspots and Stunt and Jungle Boy nailing dives.  Lots of fast paced back and forth action until Kazarian and Scorpio Sky hit a double team backstabber for the pin on Stunt.  It makes sense for Stunt to take the pinfall to protect the other members.

Your winners, SCU!

Fun six man tag.

Overall, a good debut.  Having it airing the night before Dynamite gives AEW the chance to do some nice last minute hype for the next night.  I’d love to see Schiavone do some interviews with talents leading into the episodes, even if they are by phone.  They had the perfect chance to have the Elite respond to the beating they took at Team Jericho’s hands last week, for example.

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