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By Steven Fernandes on 2019-10-08 23:47:00

Alyse Zwick, a news reporter based in New York City, tweeted the following:

WWE announced a Supershow Live Event for 11/23 at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI which is during Survivor Series weekend. So some of the Smackdown talent may be travelling from Chicago's All State Arena on Friday to Grand Rapids on Saturday and back to All State Arena on Sunday. 

They also announced a Live Event at the Capital One Arena in Washington DC, the birthplace of AEW Dynamite, on 11/16. 

WWE will be taping RAW in Sioux City, IA on Tuesday 12/17 which will be the 12/23 episode. 

Smackdown will have Live episodes on 12/20 in Brooklyn, NY as well as on 12/27 in Detroit, MI. 


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