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By Brian Cannon on 2019-10-09 07:45:00

This is the OVW Report for Tuesday, October 8, 2019. OVW can be seen LIVE at 8PM ET on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area and again on Saturdays at 11AM and 9PM. You can also find OVW TV on the OVW Network. In this episode, the Nightmare Cup tournament continues, a 15-man Rumble to determine a new #1 contender for Justin Smooth's Heavyweight Title, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Tony Bizo defeats "The Man" Dapper Dan. Dan takes a mic before the match and says he wasn't 100% last week. He had the flu and a fever of 120. He challenges Bizo to a rematch now that he's 100%. Dan attacks Bizo as he enters the ring and hits a suplex. He stomps him and clubs him across the back. Bizo back with a back body drop, but Dan fires back and shoulders him in the corner. He clubs him some more across the back and slams him. He throws him head first into the turnbuckle. He throws him into the opposite corner and slams him again for 2. Dan goes for a curb stomp, but Bizo moves, then hits the Bizo Bottom for the 3.

HANDICAP MATCH: "Action" Ashton Cove & EC Diamond defeats Steve Michaels. Steve slams EC and delivers a big legdrop. Cove comes in to break the pin and try a double team. Steve double clotheslines them both down. He mows over Cove and slams him. EC tags back in and goes after the leg with dropkicks. He tags Cove and they do a high-low leg sweep/kick to the head combo for the 3. After the match, Cove gives a Killswitch to EC and says that was his win.

Chace & Nigel defeat KTD & William Lutz. KTD takes it to Nigel early. He tags out to Chace. They lock up and Chace slaps KTD in the face. KTD takes him down and pounds him. Nigel jumps in to break it up and Lutz goes after Nigel. Nigel & Chace are thrown toward each other, but stop themselves, only to turn into dropkicks. Lutz runs off the ropes, but Nigel trips him. Chace takes control and with Nigel double team Lutz in the corner as the ref has to keep KTD in his. Chace uppercuts Lutz in the corner and tags Nigel. Nigel with a headlock and Chace jumps in without a tag. Lutz tries to fight out of their corner, but Nigel grabs him from behind as Chace hits him in the stomach. Lutz rolls through a double team and tags KTD. KTD fires away, but Chace takes out the knee from behind. Chace & Nigel deliver their double stomp to the back finisher for the 3.

WINNER GETS THE FINAL SPOT IN THE 15-MAN RUMBLE: Drew Hernandez defeats AJZ. A good back and forth match with AJZ getting the better of Drew, but Drew distracts the ref by taking off his vest and making it look like AJZ hit him below the belt. The ref calls for a DQ.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area LIVE at 8PM or Saturdays at 11AM and 9PM (check local listings) and on the OVW Network.

Gilbert Corsey & Dr. Ted McNaler are on commentary, and Brittany Devore & Mercy Keller are the ring announcers.

NIGHTMARE CUP MATCH: "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd & Dustin Jackson defeat "The Entourage 2.0": Shiloh Jonze & Big D. Shiloh with a quick roll-up attempt on Floyd. Off the ropes, Floyd locks Shiloh in a side headlock. Off the ropes, Floyd takes Shiloh down, but Dustin says he wants the pin. Shiloh locks in a side headlock. Off the ropes again, Dustin tags himself in. Shiloh gets hit down and tags D. Dustin takes D down and hits a dropkick. He hits a high knee in the corner and a splash for 2 as Floyd pulls him off the pin. Floyd tags himself back in as D tags back to Shiloh. Dustin slams Shiloh. Floyd gets in and slams Shiloh. Shiloh gets a double dropkick. They throw D to the outside. Shiloh tries to roll Floyd up, but Floyd reverses it and gets the 3 despite Dustin's attempt to break it up.

Gilbert Corsey brings out Max the Impaler. He says she has looked impressive her first 2 weeks here, but wants to know why she came to OVW. Max says to look at her face, she is here for one reason only, the OVW Women's Title. Gilbert asks if she's ready for that challenge against Megan Bayne after only being here for a couple weeks. She says that she has beat the same people Megan has, and she's never faced anyone like her.

Megan's music hits and she gets in Max's face. She says she's right here. Max smiles and slowly backs out of the ring.

Amon defeats EC Diamond. EC's music hits 3 times. On the 3rd time, Amon pulls his chain and drags EC out from behind the curtain. He chokes him with the chain, then rolls him in. The bell finally rings and Amon hits an STH on the chain for the 3.

After the match, he tells Sinn Bodhi that he put him through hell, but on October 29, he will bring hell to him.


"Category 5" Corey Storm, Maximus Khan, Dimes, Leonis Khan, (Dimes & Storm work together, as do Leonis & Maximus), (Justin Smooth comes out to watch the action), Tony Gunn, (Gunn can't get in as the other 4 block the ring), "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd (Floyd goes after Gunn on the outside), "Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya, "Mr. Marvelous" Melvin Maximus, (Gunn eliminates Floyd), (Maximus Khan eliminates Melvin Maximus), Ca$h Flo, (Ca$h eliminates Leonis), (Ca$h eliminates Dimes), William Lutz, "The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson, (Storm eliminates Lutz), (Lutz grabs Sam's briefcase, so he jumps over the top rope eliminating himself to go after Lutz), Big Zo, (Storm eliminates Gunn), (Zo eliminates Maximus Khan), Drew Hernandez, (The L.O.B. & Drew all gang up on Storm), (Storm eliminates Drew), Jay Bradley, (Jay eliminates Storm), (The L.O.B. are playing paper-rock-scissors, but don't realize there's still one man left),

Jax Dane, (Jax eliminates Zo, Ca$h, Hy, & Jay).

Your winner and new #1 contender is JAX DANE!

This ended the TV taping.

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