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By Eric Denton on 2019-10-07 13:10:00

Episode 436

October 6, 2019

Jordan Clearwater and Dan Joseph take on Dicky Mayer and Ty Matthews in our opening contest. Joseph continues his return to in ring competition after an injury sabbatical. 

Some pushing and shoving to start the match as Joseph tosses Mayer out of the ring. Back inside, Joseph grapples with Mayer and then makes a tag to Clearwater. Clearwater misses a big boot and gets a dropkick to the face in return. Tag to Matthews and Joseph charges in and the referee stops him. Clearwater gets double teamed. He gets some separation from Matthews and hits him with a swinging neck breaker. Clearwater still in trouble but he gets the tag to Joseph. Referee gets distracted as Mayer gets in the ring, Joseph goes after Matthews but the ref didn't see the tag and tries to send Joseph back to his corner. Matthews with eye gauge and spear to Clearwater for the 1,2,3 

Your winners - Ty Matthews and Dicky Mayer 

John Roberts is at ringside with Howdy Price to discuss Rogelio's performance at the Red Carpet Rumble. Price says Rogelio is coming for WATTS Heritage Television Title

"D-Man Dan Parker" vs. Vinny Wasco lock up and reverse holds with Parker getting the advantage. Wasco reverses and goes for an arm bar. Parker tries to escape but he ends up getting chopped.  Wasco charges Parker in the corner buy he misses. Parker back in control with the armbar and into an abdominal stretch. More damage to Wasco's shoulder. A series of uppercuts to Wasco then Parker charges the corner and jams his shoulder into the ring post. Wasco picks up Parker into a shoulder breaker and the surprise pin. Referee Nick Bonanno calls for the bell as Parker argues he kicked out.

Your winner - Vinny Wasco!

Kathy Campenelli is in the back with the United Tag Team Championships the Soul Burners (Ryan Taylor & Tomaste). YUMA and BHK (RockNes Monsters) interrupt saying they have to go back on patrol out at Area 51. The congratulate Soul Burners and leave. Soul Burners will decide if RockNes Monsters are worth opponents. YUMA & BHK return in their "Vermin" personas. 

Double Platinum (Chris Bey & Suede Thompson) with Jamie Iovine vs. Soul Burners in a non-title contest scheduled for one fall. Tomaste and Thompson start off and Soul Burners isolate Thompson early. Thompson in control after Jamie Iovine grabs Tomaste's leg and a tag to Bey. Tomaste tries to tag Taylor but stopped by Suede. Bey in control. Tomaste manages to kick out of "The Last Uber". Bey & Thompson collide and a tag to Taylor. Taylor delivers a scissors kick to Bey and into an ankle lock. Thompson in for the save. Double Platinum goes for a double superkick but miss. Taylor ducks. Tomaste off the top rope onto both Bey & Suede. Death Valley Driver onto Bey. Soul Burners going for "Burning Man" but Iovine gets in the ring to save Bey. Referee kicks out Iovine but from behind it's Vermin (Johnny Yuma & Kevin Martensen) and they attack Tomaste. Sitout powerbomb! Chris Bey covers Tomaste as the referee gets back in the ring to count the pin.

Kathy Campenelli is backstage with Uptown Andy Brown. He respects WATTS but he's going to regain his championship.

Back to the ring. Adnan Kureishy with the introductions. The bell rings and Brown kicks WATTS in the face and a german suplex. Running knee to the back of his head. Pin attempt for 1. WATTS takes Brown into the corner and starts delivering heavy blows. Brown slips under and powerbombs WATTS out of the corner. Flips him over and blasts him with a V-Trigger and cover. Kickout at 2. WATTS struggles to feet, Brown attempts a cutter but he's throw by WATTS out of the ring. WATTS goes running for a dive to the outside but Brown runs back in and hits WATTS with a clothesline. WATTS on the ring apron and Brown is able to deliver a piledriver. WATTS is down on the outside of the ring. WATTS with a goozle but Brown controls his wrist. Brown runs at WATTS who hits him with the DNR. WATTS attempts another chokeslam but Brown escapes and knees WATTS hard in the face. Brown hits the COD (Os-cutter) for 1. Brown is upset and steals WATTS gimmick by calling for his music early and nails him with a Superman Punch for 2. WATTS will not stay down. Brown tries a package piledriver. WATTS recovers with brutal punches to the face. Chokeforce for the finish. 

Your winner and still the Hollywood Heritage Television Championship... WATTS

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