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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-07 12:47:00

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez told ESPN that he has not signed a deal with WWE.

”That’s correct, not officially ... but hopefully,” he said. “With tonight and doing what I did and kinda working with them ... I would love to work with them. I would love it.”

Velasquez, accompanied by Rey Mysterio, took down new WWE Champion Brock Lesnar shortly after Lesnar had crushed Kofi Kingston, setting the stage for the former UFC rivals to face off within a WWE ring.

Velasquez is a former Lesnar opponent in UFC, having defeated him at UFC 121 in 2010 via TKO. 

Velasquez noted that UFC is supporting him in his foray into professional wrestling, but commented that, ”I feel like fighting will always be there.  I feel like I have the skills. This at the time is just really fun for me. And who knows where I’ll go from here but I’m enjoying what I’m doing and that’s it for me.”

You can watch the interview below:


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