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By Paul Jordan on 2019-10-06 11:44:00

Stephanie McMahon posted the following, reflecting on Friday Night Smackdown:


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"Nights like last night don’t happen without every single person who touches our business. From anyone who’s ever stepped foot inside the squared circle - Superstars, refs, and ring announcers alike; to every fan who’s ever watched a match; to those who set up and tear down the sets, chairs and the rings, drive the trucks, make the gear, do the makeup, cook the food, secure the pathways, produce the talent, write the shows, hold the lights, mics, and cameras, shoot the pictures, create the music, design the artwork, call the matches, edit the footage, capture the data, post the content, clean the arenas, direct the traffic, tell the stories and so many more...thank you everyone for making last night and every night possible. @wwe @foxtv #WWEUniverse #SmackDownOnFox"

Finn Bálor speaks about his NXT return

Boom Studios! revealed the creative team behind the upcoming New Day graphic novel set for a 2020 release. The team consists of writers Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker as well as artists Daniel Bayliss The book will chronicle the trio's journey through WWE detailing behind-the-scenes stories featuring each member.

Randy Orton tweeted the following continuing his campaign to face The Rock and next year's Wrestlemania 36:

Singh Brothers tweeted:

Triple H tweeted:

Mark Henry on Handling Hecklers During Stand-Up Gigs, 'I'll Kick Your Ass!' | TMZ Sports

Edge Slams (SANDBAGS!)




Played Mario maker 2 at the hotel


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