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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-05 09:01:00

AEW President Tony Khan personally timed out the premiere episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite this past Wednesday.  The show actually came into the last segment with an extra two or three minutes, leaving them room the post-six man beating to get a little more TV time.

AEW Dynamite's premiere episode will replay on TNT this morning at 10 AM and 10:30 PM EST as well as Tuesday 10/8 at 10 PM EST.  The episode is also available online on the official TNT website at this link.

Since we have gotten this question quite a bit, there were no monitors backstage at AEW's taping broadcasting the WWE NXT episode.  It was not a case of AEW watching what was going on the other show as they produced their own.  

Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes were a huge hit backstage at the taping and everyone absolutely loved having them around.  Chris Jericho has a big role in Smith's latest film Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

The AEW 10/2 replay that aired right after the live broadcast garnered 400,000 viewers.

John Pollock of reported that the premiere episode on 10/2 brought in 109,000 viewers on TSN2 with zero promotion.

Fans in attendance at the NYCC AEW panel received a poster from the recent DC Comics-AEW crossover.   Cody and Brandi Rhodes also picked 20 fans to receive tickets to the Philadelphia Dynamite taping.  There was an overflow crowd for the panel with fans being turned away.

There were TNT executives in attendance with AEW at NYCC.

AEW's crew was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly at NYCC:

Bleacher Report Live is now offering a Spanish language version of the 11/9 Full Gear PPV from Baltimore.  Thanks to Paul Jordan.

Ben Brodbeck sent the following...AEW had a media junket in Chicago on 10/3 that included an appearance on  the local CBS affiliate (WCIA) show "CI Living" where MJF told the female host not to touch him, WCIA sports director Bret Beherns interviewing Tony Khan discussing AEW and growing up in Champaign, an autograph signing on the University of Illinois campus, a local radio station segment WIXY 100.3 FM and a tour of the State Farm Center where they got a bunch of U of I swag.

Some NYCC AEW Panel clips:

TNT's official YouTube channel has released the following clips from the 10/2 premiere episode of AEW Dynamite:

Riho Wins the AEW Women's Title by Defeating Nyla Rose in a Total Shocker

Jon Moxley puts the hurt on Kenny Omega Backstage at AEW Dynamite


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