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By Dave Scherer on 2019-10-09 10:01:00

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Do you own any wrestling t-shirts?  If you do, would you wear them to shows?

I think I have some from twenty years ago somewhere but I don’t have any new shirts.  The way I see it, as a reporter/commentator I don’t think I should be wearing wrestling shirts.  If you look at mainstream sports, you don’t see Joe Buck go to a Cowboys game wearing a jersey.  While we are on a smaller scale obviously, I think the same holds true for us. So no, I would not wear them to shows if I had them.  

Am I the only one who thinks that Brock Lesnar deserves some kind of storyline discipline for his attack on Rey Mysterio's son on Raw? 

Yes, they should do something about it, a fine probably.  I don’t expect a suspension considering they need him right now to get eyeballs on the product.  But yes, if you pull someone out of the crowd there should be a storyline punishment.

So I see that 205 live will be on Fridays after Smackdown.  Didn’t Triple H announce a couple of weeks ago that 205 live was done, and the talents would be joining NXT?

No he said that it will fall under the NXT umbrella.

I suppose you have gotten this question several times already, but here goes. I'm considering all the problems with the NY NJPW show. You're looking at the mysterious phone call to the ambulance service, along with the Commission holding their feet to the fire on every single regulation, hampering the matches. Does anyone besides me suspect some "good old boy" politics in play? I'm not a big conspiracy guy, but I also wasn't born last night. WWE has done worse to squash competition. I'm in TN. You guys know the turf up there much better. Your thoughts? 

I am not a conspiracy guy either so I will just look at the facts.  New Japan and ROH ran Madison Square Garden and sold it out during WrestleMania weekend.  For their return they ran a building that is around 15% as big.  I don’t see any reason WWE would need to do that, if they even could.  Had they sold out MSG again, I could see more of a base for your theory.  In this case, I just don’t.

What do you think would be a good number for AEW to do on their second TNT show?

If they stay within 90% of last week’s 1,409,000 overnight viewers they should be very happy.  There is usually a drop off in week two of TV series’ so if they lose some viewers, it’s pretty much business as usual.  Obviously, if they surpass the 90% number that they should be ecstatic.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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