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By Dave Scherer on 2019-10-07 10:00:00

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With NXT moving to USA, what would you suggest WWE adds to the Network to keep fresh, original new wrestling content: monthly house show specials such as Smackville, another new brand, Mixed Match Challenge, Main Event (which currently airs internationally & Hulu), monthly specials from a different affiliate (EVOLVE, PROGRESS, etc), or do you have any other original ideas?

I don’t think house shows really move the needle to be honest.  People aren’t going to them live the way that they used to so watching them on TV, when nothing much really happens, isn’t a huge draw.  If it’s me, I do more Takeovers (like 6-8) and Takeover UKs (quarterly sounds good).  Maybe get a 205 Live special event or two. Plus, I like the ideas of stuff like When Worlds Collide.  I like the indy specials too if they don’t put them on the rumored tier when it debuts.  Keep in mind, all that has really left is one hour of NXT (and the archive will be there the next day).

What do you miss from your fandom of ECW in the 90's that you don't see in any current product & you'd like to see return?

The true spontaneity of the product.  Unless someone tipped me off first, I could be surprised by things I never saw coming a lot of the time.  I loved that.

I’ve been extremely disappointed with the recent New Japan events.  Super J-Cup was available for almost 2 weeks after they happened and the production quality was horrible.  Royal Quest was plagued by audio problems and they didn’t even have a spare headset for the announcers.  There are more than a dozen indys here in the US that have better production values than New Japan’s secondary shows.  How can they think they are going to be a major player with this going on?

I haven’t watched it in a while due to lack of time but I hear what you are saying.  Like why don’t they have an app for NJ World?  It makes no sense to me in 2019.  They have a great product for in-ring wrestling lovers but they could do a much better job in the packaging and delivery.  I will tell you something else, I recently canceled NJ World because I got AXS TV again and that is all the New Japan I have time for.  When I canceled, they said I would not be able to access my subscription any more, meaning I paid for a month but didn’t get the whole month I paid for.  That left a really bad taste in my mouth.  Any other service I have ever canceled gives me access to all the time I paid for.  They need to change that.

Maybe I am alone in this, but I was totally disgusted and turned off my Monday's Raw. What were they thinking? First of all, while I have never been a big Rey Mysterio fan, wrestlers attacking other wrestlers has gone on for some time. But to pull a spectator out of his seat, no matter who he is, is wrong. And the fact that while all this was going on, no wrestlers in the back came out to help, I think send a wrong message. And then Seth Rollins, in an interview says what Brock did was wrong. So why did you not come out to help Rey? Another bad message sent. And if Brock does not get suspended or fined heavily, I think watching something else on tv might be in order.

First off, it’s a work!  Relax.  Dominic is not a fan. He has appeared on camera for WWE before, remember?  He was not a spectator.  Pulling a fan out of their seat?  Yes, that is wrong.  That isn’t what happened so there is nothing to get worked up about, or worked over.  As for no one coming out to help, that I totally agree with you on.  If Rey Mysterio is so loved by the roster, why didn’t someone help him?  And even if not, why would WWE stop it?  It definitely questioned the boundaries of logic.

And really…does anyone really care about this Maria/Rusev/Lana/Bobby Lashley stuff?

We shall find out if people keep watching.  That is always the final barometer.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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