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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-05 10:00:00

If you are WWE, when do you do Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez?

It depends.  If it's there to be a FOX Smackdown main event, I do it in a month so you have four weeks of building it.  If not, I would look at Crown Jewel or Survivor Series.  I think it's a "strike when the iron is hot" match, not tease it for 6 months.

I was watching Total Divas for the first time (don't judge me) and I have to ask, how much of this is worked?

No judgment.  I have seen every episode.  A lot of reality TV is worked.  Like many series in that genre, while real life events will be incorporated into the episodes, a good portion of the content is pitched by producers with those appearing basically improvising the scenes and then editing helps curate exactly the story a producer wants to see.  So, the answer is, a lot of it!

When do you think MJF will turn on Cody?  It has to be coming, right?

Of course it's coming one day.  Full Gear in November makes a lot of sense, but if I am AEW I am in no rush to pull that trigger.  Let the audience get to know the story first and to get to know MJF.  He's going to be a big star, but there's no reason to rush things with him.

Did you see Booker T said he was never with CM Punk at FOX despite what you reported?

Well, he would be correct, because I reported Punk was with Renee Young at the FOX Studios in Los Angeles.  I never, ever reported Booker was there with Punk.

I was wondering how the WWE production teams are dealing with the new normal of Smackdown on Fridays?

Some production team members are working Raw or Smackdown.  For those who are working both, I was told they are traveling in for Smackdown, going home, then returning to the road for Raw.  That's going to be a long, hard weekly grind and they have my sympathies.

I saw you were at the Performance Center this week.  How can I visit? 

You can't.  Each time I have been there, it was at the invitation of WWE.  If they hold an "open house" VIP paid ticket event again, that would be your best bet.  Beyond that, the facility is on private property and it's not likely you will even get on the grounds.


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