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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-04 10:00:00

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Where has Naomi been?

She noted on social media that she's been dealing with some personal issues and has taken time off.

I seem to remember Roddy Piper being trapped in a prison somewhere as a WWE storyline when I was a kid.  Can you point me to it?

It was actually in WCW.  They did vignettes where Piper allegedly locked himself up on Alcatraz Island for a week to prepare for a PPV.  I loved Piper but the fact he was wearing the same clothes and had no facial hair growth when he "left" made this so silly.  It was the February 177th, 1997 episode of Monday Nitro, so it's on the WWE Network.  Enjoy!

Any word on two hours of NXT in Canada?

No updates yet.

Starrcast is advertising Sting in his Great American Bash outfit for photos.  Will he have the blonde buzz cut?

I am going to guess likely NOT.  I don't see someone his age wanting to get that haircut and I don't blame him.

With all the names being signed up like Joey Janela and guys like Mance Werner getting some attention, I was wondering who were some of the talkers still out there that you thought deserve more acclaim?

The first one off the top of my head is Eddie Kingston, who certainly gets his attention on the independent scene, but I feel is one of those rare talents who brings out the old school believability in everything he does.  I feel like he would have been a strong money drawing heel in the 80s.    No one has ever heard of a bad Kingston promo.

Dan Maff out of New Jersey is someone who's a great hoss and has an incredible workrate but for I don't think people realize what a strong talker he is.  There was a period of time where he felt like he was going to be the breakout babyface in ROH years ago and a big part of that was his charisma and talking ability as much as his work in the ring.  He's only gotten better with age in the ring and as a talker, he's still great.

Luke Hawx in New Orleans cuts some great old school promos and I look upon him as similar to Dan Maff as someone who works really hard and the people who are aware of him, enjoy and realize what he has to give, but those outside of that geographic area haven't realized it.  I remain amazed he hasn't been picked up somewhere.

I always thought EC Negro, who was around the Northeast independent scene, was a hell of a talker and was so great at riling up audiences and it really sucks he never had the chance to do it on a grander scale. 

I also think that anyone overlooking Matt Tremont as a talker is not giving him proper credit.  He's never failed to really get a great reaction out of live audiences when I've seen his work. 

Thrillside Jimmy Preston has also shown a lot of promise as a talker and has impressed me.

While not traditional "money promo' type talkers, So Flo Unsanctioned (Rocky Radley & Dynamite Didi) do a great bit, almost similar to Maritza and Flaka on Orange is the New Black meets the IIconics and the few times I have seen them, their personalities and interaction with each other has made me entertained and I think they have a good future ahead of them.  

Has there been any talk of a Raw replay with the new season?

I do no believe so.

I am watching some of the Smoky Mountain Wrestling stuff on the WWE Network and I was wondering how long it ran.  I've been really enjoying the promos and I am hoping more gets added soon.

Jim Cornette filmed a secret pilot episode in 1991.  SMW launched in 1992 and ran until late 1995.  There was a time period in 1993 that SMW was the best weekly TV series in the world.  It was extremely important at the time and was the last gasp of Southern style territory wrestling, which I have always loved, beyond Memphis Wrestling.


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