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By Dave Scherer on 2019-10-02 10:00:00

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AEW vs. NXT tonight.  How will you be watching?  Who gets first?

I am on record as saying NXT will get my eyeballs first because I am invested in their brand right now due to years of goodwill.  AEW is a fresh, new startup and they have to bring me up to speed on their product.  But since I have a DVR, I think what I will do is this.  I will watch the first 20 minutes or so of AEW live to see how they start things off.  Then I will switch over to NXT since I can then, using the fast forward function, get through NXT by zipping out the commercials.  Then, I will go back and finish AEW.

I was so excited about AEW the last few months, just waiting for the debut. But with Omega’s (who is supposed to be in a position of authority!) comments and now Nyla Rose being extremely rude on Twitter, I will NEVER watch an episode of AEW! They literally turned me off for good, before they even started.  If you were Tony Kahn, or even Cody, how would you handle this? Does an upstart company really have room to turn fans off before they even begin? WWE doesn't allow their talent to go wild on social media, and if any of them said what Nyla Rose did, I'd imagine there would be severe consequences.

If I were Tony Khan I would have already reeled in a lot of the things that have been said by the talent, and to be fair by Khan himself.  I am a big fan of confidence, but not arrogance.  I have seen too much of the latter from AEW and heard from a lot of people like you, that were excited for them but now won’t even give them a chance.  That is not what they should be going for.  In Cody’s case, he made a statement that rubbed me the wrong way when he talked about not needing to attract people that aren’t core AEW fans already.  Uh, yes you do.  I did like that he did a 180 last week and posted the letter that he did.  That is the kind of message that should be put out by AEW.  At the end of the day, Tony Khan is the boss and should be setting the direction for his people to follow. When his talent turn people off, that is his fault.  He needs to do a better job of explaining the company’s message to his talent.  With that said, he has a chance to turn it around, starting tonight.  I hope they can make it work.

Tony Khan and the press ball have constantly stated this is sport based, wins matter and will go a long way in title matches. So why 3 months out do we know Cody gets a world title match when there is 8 weeks of TV before that and in essence 8 chances for his sports score card to have -8 on?

And this is exactly why I don’t think we should see wins and losses!  Granted, they have to make matches at this point but as I have said before, I just feel that adding records can end up really hurting the booking, and the talent.  If I am not paying attention and a guy goes 5-5, not big deal.  If you tell me he went .500 I will see him as a midcarder.

Is there an issue with wrestling journalists getting "worked" by Kenny's comments?  Did they not see that he's playing a character?

No journalists got worked.  Journalists don’t make assumptions as to what someone means, they listen to what the person said and report his or her words.  If Kenny wants to stay in character, it’s incumbent on him to make sure everyone watching him “work” knows he is “working”, much like Lacey Evans did in Canada with the police officer.  Beyond that, Kenny is an OFFICER IN AEW, and he made a comment about the competition’s roster.  The only people that don’t see an issue with what he said, even if he was “working” are the hardcore AEW fans who give them a pass on whatever they do because they love the brand.

Read your comments on KENNY Omega and I agree. I am pro-AEW and pro-NXT. I just like wrestling. And it’s not the wrestlers that are at war; it’s the companies. I always felt there was an unwritten rule that you don’t insult the wrestlers; you insult the organization, because the wrestlers are the life blood of the industry and you may need those wrestlers in the future. You don’t create bad will with wrestlers you may want to sign in the future. The WWF back in the day made fun of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage’s age and karma but then on the ass for more than a year. Eric Bischoff had Tony Schiavone insult MICK FOLEY and his title win and the WWE would go on to win the Monday Night Wars. History has shown when you insult the wrestlers, you alienate the fans. That’s what the real issue is in my opinion.

I don’t disagree.  As the previous question asserts, maybe Omega really was working.  But if he was, and people took him seriously, he did a really bad job of it.  He also did it in the wrong outlet.  The worst part of the whole thing, which I didn’t even consider until Stu Carapola and I compared the rosters on The Stu and Pid show, if an impartial person compared the roster, NXT’s would be the better one!

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