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By Dave Scherer on 2019-10-01 10:00:00

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Given his recent comments about not retiring so he can team with his son, are we currently witnessing Rey Mysterio's unofficial retirement tour until we reach a point where he can have a match with his son?  Do you expect Rey's career to continue much longer after having that match?

At this point it’s just an angle that surely seems to be building to a match where he teams with his son.  He will be 45 later this year but he’s still in good shape and the mask helps keep him young in the eyes of the fans.  His son is 22.  If he starts wrestling I see Rey staying around to work with him.

I find it strange how WWE decided to give Murphy a super strong showing against Roman, a win over Daniel Bryan, yet suddenly he's dropped off the face of the Earth?

I have nothing, I really don’t.  That was an odd start/stop push.  Hopefully it’s just due to them getting ready to move Smackdown to FOX and he will get pushed again after that happens.

I know it's a fluid situation and anything can happen...but do you see any reason that Chris Jericho wouldn't be on the 10/23 AEW show in Pittsburgh?  He's not currently advertised.  If they're building to a surprise appearance that night, I'm all for it. Any Fozzy obligations? It just seems to me that you'd want him advertised on all of these early shows as a hook.  I've been a fan for 35 years and I know I'd be disappointed if he wasn't there that night...I can imagine how some of the more casual fans would feel if he didn't make an appearance.

I don’t know of any reason why he wouldn’t be there.  Fozzy doesn’t have a show that night.  On the graphic on the AEW site, he is listed.  Given that he is the champion, and plenty of good seats remain for the show, I would hope he would be there.  The early days of AEW TV are very important.  It should be all hands on deck.

Why did AAA think they could do well at MSG? I don't recall there being any other AAA cards in NYC in smaller venues. They barely sold out the Hulu Theater, right?

They saw that New Japan and Ring Of Honor sold it out and they thought that they could do the same.  They were wrong.  Mexican Lucha has always done better on the west coast so I was surprised when they said they were running MSG.  They definitely learned they can’t sell out the big house.

Will New Japan World ever get a Roku or Apple TV app?

Ever is a long time but to be honest, I am surprised they don’t have one now.  People like to stream and apps make that easier.  You can put the show on your phone or tablet and streaming it that way in the interim but I think they would be well served to get an app up asap.

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