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By Dave Scherer on 2019-09-30 10:00:00

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What will be the new loop for each brand going forward?  Is it just Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday for both?   With the Raw brand having a house show on Fridays, and Smackdown doing a house show on Mondays?   

For the next two weeks, they have house shows on Saturday and Sunday.  This weekend’s are advertised as Supershows.  The following weekend have Raw talent advertised while Smackdown is headed to Australia.  Then Raw has a normal loop the weekend after while Smackdown is off due to the long tour.  In early November they head to Europe for two weeks.  So I guess the best answer is to be determined.  If it were me?  I would run TV on Friday and Monday and combined super shows on Saturday and Sunday when they are not on tours.  Running one show with more talent would be more cost efficient than two shows that don’t draw all that well.  Plus, it would allow talents to cross brands if need be if they don’t run a house show the same night as TV.

I just have a question surrounding the timeframe of some of these trademarks that occasionally make the wrestling news. We’ve seen examples where WWE failed to trademark seemingly obvious phrases they use before someone else got to it first. How does this happen with such a large company? I saw recently that “Monster Among Men” was only just submitted for trademark. They’ve been calling Braun that for a long time. How are they only now getting around to trademarking it?  Is trademarking catchphrases and nicknames a newer thing in wrestling?  Were things like “Big Red Machine” or “Excellence of Execution” trademarked back in the day?

Generally they are proactive on trademarks but things do fall through the cracks at time.

Dave, what was the last live wrestling you attended?

Ring of Honor a few years ago at Sam's Town in Las Vegas.  At my age, along with family responsibilities, I much prefer the at home TV experience over being at the building live.  It’s way more time efficient and I like my seat and view.  Everything is a TV product now anyway, so I prefer to watch it as it’s meant to be seen.

Do you listen to any wrestling podcasts besides the one on your site?

I don’t, no.  I listen when there’s newsworthy things to listen to but where opinions are concerned, I prefer to just form my own and relay them to the supporters of the site.  I don’t want/need to be influenced by someone else.

Do you think WWE missed a golden financial opportunity by not selling replica versions of Daniel Bryan's wood and hemp belt?  Granted, it wasn't around for that long, but I think they could have done a ton of sales with it.

Actually, they do!  Mike Bassily sent this link, which goes to the title belt.  As I type this on Saturday, it's on sale for 20 percent off!

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